GMSDec09Bedridden with some messed up version of the flu, I’m restless and bored. So what better time to kick this 365 thing into gear…?

Remember Games Magazine? I LOVED that stupid thing. Above any comic book or quarterly thriller mag, I had to have my Games Magazine. And the first thing I would flip to was the Eyeball Benders.

And so, after considering shadows and dragonflies and trees and bugs and a variety of other habitually photographed items, I decided to join the 365 fun with Mystery Macros. When I post each crazy image, I will not be telling you what it is. In the spirit of my true 12-year-old and her love of all things eyeball bendery, you’ll have to figure out what the hell it is.

Hints, Tricks & Tidbits:

  • I’m playing catch-up and posting the first four on this entry, but then each will get it’s own, and each will be tagged 365, so that you can use the search feature on my site for “365” and find them all whenever you want (thus alleviating the need for Qwee to yell at me about putting them all in one place and making it simple for her to follow along.)
  • Each post will then be sent to Twitter via the happy little graphics at the bottom of my entries. If you have Twitter, feel free to join along, share them with others, and hit those buttons for yourself.
  • And to keep Qwee (and anyone else that was thinking of yelling at me for not playing by their rules) happy, they will also be posted in a photo album on my facebook page.
  • And finally—I will not apologize for art!™ I will be using my phone or iPod cameras. Neither is an actual camera. Neither has a flash. And neither produces art quality photos. Deal with it. The fuzz and blur just adds to the mystery of the macro… enjoy it.

And on with 2011 through my bizarre lens…


January 1… what is it?!


January 2… what is it?!


January 3… what is it?!


January 4… what is it?!

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