8th Grade Civics Class

monopolyRemember that class? Where you learned about politics and the economy and monopolies and fair trade? I do…vaguely. But apparently you are allowed to forget ALL those rules come graduation.

Especially for graduation.

I got a letter today from Bubba Joe’s Photography*. They were recently at my daughter’s high school showing the junior class a lovely slide show of the “techniques, props and backgrounds offered for senior pictures.” It read like an informative commercial for the upcoming necessity that is graduation pictures.

And then I got to this paragraph.

Bubba Joe’s is the “contracted photographer” for the school. This means that if your son or daughter wants their senior portrait to be included in the yearbook, that portrait must be taken here.

Woah, wait a minute. I can choose whatever photographer I want, but if I want her in the yearbook I have to either use Bubba Joe for all her grad photos, or pay extra for a special one done at Bubba Joe’s? This miffs me. And not just a little. A quick hop over to Bubba Joe’s website and I find out that the “yearbook only” shots are $24. Hmmm… plus the $75 for the yearbook itself, plus another $200-$300 for the regular grad shots. Wow…

I could veer off into “children are expensive” land, but we all know that. Instead I’ll just hover here in monopoly land. At an estimated 100 students, they stand to make $2400 just for the yearbook shots… and how many parents will cave and do the rest there? Yeah, “contracted photographer” is a nice gig in a land where competition laws are ignored and parents are forced to participate or forever be hated by their child for making them “that kid”. You know, the one kid not in the yearbook.

I hate being forced to do something. I hate being a sheep. And I hate that the Hippie is giggling about this and is totally going to post a response… where I’ll remind him that there are FOUR of them in this house that we will be baaaaa-ing for.

*name obviously changed to protect the guilty, a concept I’m quite new to and still don’t quite understand.

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  • wolfnoma says:

    Ok, I whole heartedly disagree with what they are doing to you and your daughter. It is illegal and quite reprehensible. I mean what next? The government taking over the automobile industry here in America? or the Banks? oh, wait…


    Oh, and just know this, I never had my Senior photos in my yearbook. I really don’t think there survive any photos of me from the High School era of bad hair and goofy clothes.

    Good luck with Bubba Joe.

  • Burke says:

    Holy crap this would have pissed my husband off. I can’t believe that the school allows this!!!

  • Lu says:

    Ah, graduation. Cap and gown $46, yearbook $50, AP tests $86 each (refund if they pass). That was just this week. Grad pics and invitations. And a pinata. :-)

    You have time to stage a major coup– get the entire senior class to boycott Bubba Joe’s. They won’t publish a yearbook without any senior photos in it. Be the bitch we know you are.

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