A Fork in the Road

Our journey had advanced;
Our feet were almost come
To that odd fork in Being’s road,
Eternity by term.
Our pace took sudden awe,
Our feet reluctant led.
Before were cities, but between,
The forest of the dead.
~ Emily Dickenson

In the last few weeks there have been earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, broken trust and hearts, out-of-school suspension and heart attacks. It’s been a bit nuts to say the least… But the sun continues to rise, the moon continues to set, and Thursdays, much like death and taxes, are inevitable.  Yep, garage talk.

I’ve been considering how I got here. In general I do that, but lately, it’s been while working on another blog (I have DBB right now—deadly blog backup—and have several written to post but am stalling for one reason or another). And through the thoughts of the road I’ve taken, I’ve heard the internal me ask questions and make statements.  If I hadn’t done “this” I wouldn’t be here. I’m here because I did “that.”

And a Thursday blog was born.

We take a path. That’s a given. Sometimes we choose to the take the tough path, some times, the easy one. But the question isn’t which path you took. That’s not important. The question is, did you choose a path by choice or to adapt? Choosing which college is the first, losing your job and deciding what to do next is the latter. Think over the big moments in your life. The moments that changed things or define you due to their struggle, their outcome, and look at whether or not they were internally influenced or externally driven. Sure you went left there, but why did you have to make that decision. And we all know you went right there, but how do you get to the fork in the first place? And when left and right both looked horrible and you chose to walk through the forest of the dead in the center… was it because you walked to that fork in the road on your own, or did someone else drop you off in unfamiliar territory and told you to find your way home?

No need for comment on this one if you don’t want… just think about it.

One Response to A Fork in the Road

  • I’d say a mixture of both, for me. I chose to join the military because I didn’t have many options. I was pretty sick of it halfway through my initial four-year contract, and was planning on getting out in ’04, when my first deployment involuntarily extended my contract by six months. I REEEEAAAALLLLLY hated it then, but was forced to adapt when I found out my (now ex-) wife blew around $30K of my money while I was over there getting bombed. I re-enlisted in order to have stability, and now, six years later, I’ve progressed in my career and am happy with my choice. I chose to give up music and focus on writing (since the Army, family, and business aren’t going anywhere, something had to give)…I could be a half-assed musician and writer, or be really good at one of those things. But it could be sort of an adaptation as well…my creative side doesn’t let go, it’s jealous of everything else I do, and moreso with the writing than anything else.

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