Another Year

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.
It’s the life in your years.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

So, there was another birthday. A celebration of the day I interrupted my mom’s life, the world’s plans, and the universe’s idea of things. It was a good day, then and now.

I try and do a few things each time it comes around.

  • I at least buy a plant of some sort, if not put one in the dirt, to give back some of the energy I’m borrowing from the world around me. This year, it was the beginning of an herb garden and some lovely orange flowers.
  • I watch the sun rise (note: I do try to sleep in, I do, I’m just really bad at it), set, and the moon settle into the sky among the stars if the night is clear.
  • Learn something new—watch it, read it, or discover it.
  • And while those that do a yearly evaluation of their life usually do so on New Year’s, I use my birthday. I look at where I’ve been, where I’m going, and if I’m on the right path to get there… and that lands us squarely in a blog.

The image for this entry is two things I love and/or connect with: the dragonfly and the ankh. Among other things, both are used in some cultures to represent life, birth and rebirth, reincarnation—of which I am a firm believer (yeah, figure out that twist in my lexicon of dirty rotten atheist), both physical and mental.

People pass through life by going through a series of reinventions of self. My birthday is when I look at the current incarnation, outside of turmoil, strife, necessity or other reasons throughout the year to do so. I’ve gone through many changes over my time here, quite a few in just the last few years, and I’m far from done.

Far from done.

A wise woman once told me “life is not a dress rehearsal.” And she couldn’t have been more right. You get one shot at this (this time around) and while you’re going to screw up occasionally along the way, so long as you learn from them, they become lessons learned rather than mistakes. No one else is going to live it for me, so I need to be proactive in my own and actually live it. A wardrobe change and new script occasionally is just par for the course.

I don’t sense a huge wardrobe change after yesterday’s evaluation. The last couple of months have brought some changes and direction, and I’m really okay with where it’s headed. Maybe just a new pair of shoes. Something comfortable that I can stand in for long periods of time, and sprint when necessary. Or that brown skirt that seems to be so elusive!

So happy birthday to me… and for surviving my own self-evaluation, I’m giving all of you a present tomorrow. Stay tuned… (ohhhh I am an evil tease, aren’t I? #loveyameanit)



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