Bad Creamer

Yeah, I missed coffee talk yesterday… I usually do them Wednesday night and post them Thursday morning, but I had a bad stomach when I got up [Wed] and I’m blaming the liquid creamer [I knew I should have stuck with the green stuff and not touched JFB’s blue!!]. So I was preoccupied Wednesday… to say the least.  As such, I also didn’t come up with a topic. So this week, we’ll do a little reverse thinking and see what happens…

You ask me some strange, off the wall question and I’ll answer in comments. My favorite color, favorite band, whether or not I wear socks to bed, or if I sleep on my stomach or back. Whatever. The sky’s the limit for questions… but I do retain the right to deny answers if the question gets too crazy! So there it is… bring it on!

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  • Bob Ford says:

    I’ve always wanted to know…

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

  • Kelli says:

    I should have known you’d be a smart ass. “According to the owl… three”

  • Bob Ford says:

    Of course!! All right… yes, that was my smart ass question, cause.. well.. that’s how I am. (Hi Mom!).

    Here’s a real one… As writer’s we all bleed on the page. Do you have any drawer stories that you’ve written? The ones that we write just to get out of our head that will most likely never see the light of day and that were created for the single purpose of trying to heal ourselves from something. And can you talk about how and why that process works for us as writers.

  • The Mom says:

    Wow Bob good question.
    I would ask Kel , when you were 7 years old, what did you think your life would be like
    when you grew up? I know by 12 you where going to be a beautician or a brain surgeon.
    But did I miss something along the way?

  • Kelli says:

    Oh great… it’s the Bob & Mom Show again [Lord help me!]. Ok, ok…

    Bob: Oh yeah. Been doing that since my first diary [which I still have in a box somewhere!]. It’s therapeutic to choose the words to match the mood, to slow down and work through it and try and explain how you feel when you need to bleed. Stories, poems, paragraphs… lots of bad blood hiding in notebooks and files that will never see the light of day. Though I’ve always wondered why we keep them…

    Mom: Really? You had to do the beautician/brain surgeon thing? Sheesh…
    In all honestly, “life” is fairly broad and it’s hard to remember that far back, but i remember little things. I never thought I’d still live in the frozen tundra. I always figured I was more city girl than country and would be in a bigger town, or at least closer to a bigger town. Big porch, fireplace, lots of books [got that last one!]… I don’t know. It’s something to think about. I’ll let you know if I get there and remember =))

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    My question would have to be: “How do you go from wanting to be a beautician to a brain surgeon to becoming a writer? How does that transition work exactly?”

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    Of course I shouldn’t talk….I went from wanting to be a rock star to wanting be a writer to becoming a security guard….okay, i want to cry now.

  • Kelli says:

    See mom! See what you did!! Dang it…

    Ok. So when you tell your parents you want to be a writer, they smile and tell you that’s wonderful and wish you luck, but being logical, explain that you need a day job. It’s true, it’s good logic. But what exactly does one do for a day job then? My cousin was a beautician and I loved her to death, so ok… that was cool. The medical field has always fascinated me so that was another option, which actually went from brain surgeon to forensic pathology, until mom popped that bubble. See, I really like my horror fictional and mom worked at the police station, which meant she had seen crime photos worthy of nightmares. After she explained the ‘body in the river for a few weeks’ type jobs i’d get as a coroner, i left that idea behind. I started college with the idea of writing still in mind, English major, but realized i didn’t want to be a teacher or journalist, and being a math geek, that seemed logical for a ‘day job’ so i switched over and got an accounting degree… which i haven’t used in years and probably never will again =)

  • Bob Ford says:

    Great answer, Kelli, and I completely agree. For me, sometimes I’ll write something that appears innocent on the surface and then I’ll later realize that the story was pure metaphor for what was “really’ going on. It’s always interesting to see my subconscious take over when I least expect it, and also a bit unsettling. Other times, I’ll blatantly use metaphors for something that’s going on in my life because using symbolism to represent things has become a way to heal without really pouring salt in the wound, so to speak. (Great… I find myself using metaphors to explain why I use metaphors… I’m losing my mind, I tell you).

    And beautician to brain surgeon huh? Hmmm… y’know… I think all writers do this early in their lives. Most of us have the strangest list of odd jobs and career choices before we come to accept we’ll have to have a “job” to pay the bills while we continue to feed that which holds our true passion.

    *And the Bob and Mom show? Noooo… why would you ever think we’d gang up on you like that? That’s just wrong.

    P.S. (Mom, got your email the other day on that secret plot. No worries… all is going according to plan.)

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