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tms1-38Nope, this isn’t a blog about the hippie. Rather, it’s a blog about all the other bob’s in my life.

AND it’s kinda sorta maybe a question, so we’re calling it garage talk, since it’s Thursday. (You like how I’m magically posting this from the road on my way to Necon… sneaky aren’t I?)

My life has always had bob in it one way or another (Yes, I get the irony):
Bob’s Chop Suey (see this post)
Doctor Bob (see image)
“Do it yourself, Bob!” (old commercial my family will never forget)
Dear God Bob
Bob, bob, bob…

NOW the boyfriend, too?!!

I need a new generic name. I figure if religion changes throughout the years and their gods change, I can change the name of my generic bob… I kinda like Henry. Henry is a nice strong name, but Dear Henry? hmmm, I’m reminded of the song:

And, as much as I love my Sesame Street memories, I’m not sure I can say “Dear Henry” without “there’s a hole in the bucket.” I need suggestions. I need help. The hippie is too easily confused with and by this strange habit of mine.

Mostly, it’s to replace “god,” because even though I’m a dirty rotten atheist, I don’t like “Dear God” or “Oh my God” because it’s blasphemous and I try and respect belief, even when it’s not my own. I’d go with Steve and borrow Nugget’s new “everyone name,” but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue quit right, and I promised someone I wouldn’t use that particular name for anything outside victims of brutal deaths, accidental and otherwise, in my fiction.

Damn it.

Suggestions? I’m open to just about anything…

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