Because this week #rondickie is off the hook.

The month of December saw a lack of Monday blogs. Not because I didn’t have something to say. Oh no.  I had lots to say.

So did mom.

See, mom reads the blog. She reads mine, several of my friends’, has a twitter and lurks in the keenedom. She’s a nice supportive mom. She often comments on my blog and occasionally brings up something someone else did or said (*ahem* watch your language, Dickie!). And sometimes, rather than comment online, she’ll send an email response—because it’s not to share with the world, because she felt like it, because it’s Tuesday, who knows what controls what she does and doesn’t do. In early December she sent an email response. It wasn’t to any blog in particular. More of an overall 2009 commentary.

“You need to stop comparing WI and PA, and the ex with the Hippie.”

Ok. No problem.

Ummm… wait. Strike that. Big problem.

See, my blogs used to be full of snark and anger. It’s what I did. I vented and ranted. I did it well. Every time I thought of changing it, the other 3 ponies of the apocalypse would say “don’t.” But things changed in my world. First I sold Horror-Web and I was no longer reviewing books that made me want to punch babies, and my snark started to soften. Then I got divorced, moved across country and found happy, and my anger went into hiding. I was stunned. I’d been Wenchie for so long, I wasn’t sure what to do, and continually commented on the things that I wasn’t used to.

And mom said “enough.”

Ok, fine. Wenchie is dead, long live the Gypsy. I have no idea what that means. I’m still figuring out who this gypsy child is, and “lucky you” get dragged along the way. I may blog about green grass in the winter (without mentioning WI—how’s that 40 below, mom?! hahaha). I may blog about something silly the kids did. I may blog about one of the novels I’m working on, or one of the publishers I’m dealing with. Hell, I may blog about bagels… just ‘cuz. But I won’t be comparing the boys or the states any more.

Because when she’s right, she’s right.

So, hello 2010, what would you like to do first? I have a backlog of drafts I can’t post, so I’ll have to come up with some new material. hmmm…  I also need to decide which novel to finish: The YA Fantasy, the Psychological Horror, or the Apocalyptic Love Story. Hey 2010, could you throw me a sign? Then we’ll see if this new year and I will be friends… and make mom happy in the process.

0 Responses to #blamemymom

  • The Dickie says:

    (*ahem* watch your language, Dickie!)

    Sorry Mom! :(

  • Qweequeg says:

    I never minded the comparisons, heck, sometimes they even made me feel better about my own crap and gave me hope for better future outcomes. (:

    But I always found that Mom was usually right, so, yeah, listen to her.

    As for comparisons… I never knew the Wenchie, but I adore the Gypsy. <3


  • wolfnoma says:

    Great Blog Kelly.

    How about one about Pink Fluffy Bunnies hopping through the rolling hills of Pennsylvania trying hard to create a semi-modern nuclear life all the while being attacked by the evil “tax-I-dermist”?

    Keep up the great work. Oh, and the snark is always good.

  • Kelli says:

    qwee: the wench still comes out occasionally… when i’m pissy or tomo requests me get rid of someone =))

    wolfie: hmmm… do they have to be pink? i’m not really one for standard warfare, i’d prefer purple bunnies… oh and can they be zombies?

  • wolfnoma says:

    Purple Zombie Bunnies
    Hopping through the forrest
    Picking up the Hillbillies and
    Bopping them on the head.

    (It works for me)

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