Deep Fried | Buttercup of Doom ep 31

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“Wrap it in bacon and deep fry it” has become America’s battle cry, the answer to tastebuds and real food, and only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problem of eating habits in this country I call home. In writing, we call those eating habits Purple Prose, in the world of smiles there are several comedians who have tackled the funny bone of food, and then we rant. Oh do we rant. With menu items, pictures, and a mark on the forehead from banging it on the oh-god-why table… oh, and if you listen to the end, there’s a new addition to the formatting, shhhhh…

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Mentions/Shoutouts and Linky-Links: Tom Piccirilli’s Choir of Ill Children | Jim Moore | Dave Thomas | Horror Show with Brian Keene | Louie C.K.’s “eating habits” | Jim Gaffigan’s “southern food” | What to cook with these ingredients?

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This Week’s Rating: R (buttercup is pg13, comedians’ language is R) buttercup ratings system info here

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