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   Audiobooks currently available are:

 Grave WaxFloaters • Buried MemoriesWaiting Out Winter • Six Days

N o v e l s

     Floaters - Kelli Owen     



N o v e l l a s

      wiltedlilies-cover72colorBIG      deceiver-cover400




C o l l e c t i o n s – B u n d l e s – & – O t h e r

collection         duo-chapbook         coloring book

waking the dead                    


A n t h o l o g i e s ,  M a g a z i n e s ,  E t c .

     welcome to the show     lost highways      


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*Payhip is a new way to purchase ebook content direct from the author. All files are DRM-free for easy sharing across your devices. Download/purchase includes epub & mobi files.

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Novella Posters now available!

Deceiver • Buried Memories • Crossroads • Grave Wax • Survivor’s Guilt • The Neighborhood • Waiting Out Winter

Most of my novellas have been turned into readable art for your wall. Available through the author only, posters are 14″ x 25.5″ with a gloss cover and UV coat.

Please see the poster page for details and ordering information.


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