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That’s right, the entire novella as a poster… words become art!

Available only through Kelli Owen via this website or live appearances. Purchase direct from website using the form at the bottom of the page. Posters are $10 each, and after postage is calculated you will receive a PayPal invoice for payment (don’t worry, you do not need a paypal account to use it, just a credit/debit card or bank account). Posters will ship within 72 hours of payment being received (to account for weekends and closed postal offices).

Sales tax of 6% will be added to all orders within Pennsylvania.

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Images above for reference of size and appearance, easy-to-see file images below. Posters are 14″ x 25.5″ with a gloss cover and UV coat. Click individual poster images for larger view.


Matt Newman’s life is turned upside down when his wife is found murdered. The police have no leads and no suspects.

As Matt sinks further into a deep depression, he stumbles across a mysterious notebook among his wife’s belongings. Within its pages are cryptic writings revealing that she led a secret life. The more he reads, the greater his love turns to hatred for the woman he thought he knew.

How had she managed to conceal this double life? Worse, are her tales of debauchery even more terrifying than the mystery surrounding her death?




buriedmemories800Buried Memories

Hypnotized to quit smoking after his dad is diagnosed with lung cancer, Ben Danski begins to dream about a childhood he doesn’t remember. The dreams become more frequent. Vivid. Frightening.  
Further hypnosis reveals events he doesn’t want to believe, but as Ben decides to ignore them, his  
past finds him. Details trigger more than Ben bargains for, as both distant and recent memories are unblocked, and change his life forever…




crossroads800Crossroads (novella)

Local legend says it was a church. Campfire whispers claim devil worship and unconsecrated land. Old timers explain the lone grave as remnants of evil.

Having watched far too many horror movies, a group of teens wander into the woods with a Ouija board, planning to play with the dead and scaring each other
in the process. But the group quickly learns ghosts of the past are not the only dangers, as the present can be much more haunting.



gravewax800Grave Wax

George Morey would do anything to save his wife from certain death and has tried every treatment known, from chemical to homeopathic to prayer—all to no avail.

So when the local witch requests unique ingredients from the town’s gravedigger, George complies without question—willing to sacrifice his own past to secure a future with the woman he loves… more than life itself.




survivorsguilt800Survivor’s Guilt

Presumed dead in the tragedy of 9-11, Ryan Kolstad saw his missed job interview that morning as something other than a failure—he saw opportunity. Believing his family would be better off, he walked away.  
Under the guise of a new identity, he’s spent a decade punishing those he deems unworthy of the loving families they take for granted. Ryan suddenly finds himself questioning the lies and rules he’s come to live by when he finds himself on the other side of judgement.




neighborhood800The Neighborhood

A missing girl. A found fingertip. A puddle of blood without a body.

A small town neighborhood full of rumors and imagination through the eyes of its youth. Their world is a combination of grass stains and dried mud—the badges of childhood, that often look like blood in the right light.




waitingoutwinter800Waiting Out Winter

Nick and the boys return from the summer’s last hunting trip to find the streets empty, the beachfront and park abandoned, and the windows of their own homes boarded shut.

The hunters have become the hunted, in an apocalyptic plague that pits man against beast—very tiny beasts. And Nick is determined to keep his strength, courage and family alive during what could very well be the last winter of their lives.


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