Borrowed Beans

And by borrowed I mean that I stole the question for this week’s Coffee Talk, and will likely do it again, from Wisdomology, because my box-o-questions is lost in a box somewhere! Did you know that coffee, according to the evil Wikipedia, originated in the 9th century, in Ethiopia of all places? Any other morning I think I’d have a comment for that, but I haven’t had enough of the magic beans this morning to even know if that comment would be snarky or pithy or insightful. So maybe we’d best leave the comments to the rest of you.  This week’s [stolen] question:

The person that posed this said, “I read somewhere… anyone’s life and reality can be defined by their “nevers” and transformed radically by changing just one of those “nevers” (or two or all three).” So, what are your nevers? Can you name three? Two? Okay, I’ll take the ‘big one’ if you have a limited list. Have they always been the same? If they changed, why or what changed them?

Nevers? Hmmm… I have the “I would never cheat on someone.” That will never change, no matter what else around it does. It’s been around since that first boyfriend cheated on me. I know what it feels like and I wouldn’t do that to someone else.  Other than that, hmmm…  I like to think of myself as flexible, but I know there’s got to be other “nevers.” I could probably say I’d never do [fill in the blank] as a job [pick one from that ‘dirtiest jobs’ tv show]. And maybe someone else could say or ask something and I may answer “oh I’d never,” but I just can’t seem to get anything to pop to mind. Must be time to refill the coffee cup and think about it. Meanwhile, what are your answers?

0 Responses to Borrowed Beans

  • I’ll never drink again (at least that’s the plan).

    I’ll never have kids (because I can barely handle pets).

    I’ll never trust a politician.

    I’ll never shampoo my hair again. *sniff!*

  • Bob Ford says:

    I’ll never publish through Lulu.

    I’ll never be disloyal to my friends.

    I’ll never understand a woman’s mind.

  • Meteornotes says:

    I’ll never cheat on someone.

    I’ll never date/marry an Everquest player again.

    I’ll never go skydiving (which is something I used to really want to do. Not now, though).

    I’ll never have children (I can barely take care of myself!).

    I’ll never publish any fiction (I pretty much given up on that ever happening).


  • Minion says:

    I’ll never…

    Become a Hippie

    Respond to a wanted ad that asked for people to be eaten (crazy germans)

    Say the word certain word beginning with C….perhaps unless I’m on the verge of murdering someone

    Let anyone take away my guns

    Take a Michael Moore movie seriously

    Be able to rationalize the existance of scientology

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    I’ll never regret having children.

    I’ll never choose money over friendship.

    I’ll never turn down a family member who needs my help.

    I’ll never quit smoking (everybody should be entitled to one vice).

    I’ll never have sex with a gay donkey……again.

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