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Sometimes the movie is okay, even good, but it’s rarely (read as never) what the book was. This week is all about the differences between what was a envisioned with the written word in a book, and what was brought to us visually on the screen through adaptation of said books… and why Hollywood should be punched right in the throat. *Here there be spoilers

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2 Responses to Movies vs Books | Buttercup of Doom ep 45

  • Ben Sparkman says:

    I read The Green Mile 1 time before the movie was announced, again when the movie was announced and again after I watched the movie. It is one of the few movies I feel stayed as true to the story as it could given the run time of the movie. I did imagine Robert Duval as Paul Edgecomb and Shaquile O’neal as John Coffee while reading it though. Now I picture Tom Hanks and Michael Clark Duncan.

  • Nick Mozak says:

    The Muldoon change in Jurassic Park was such a weird thing to do. He was such a badass in the book. That was the only change from book to movie I didn’t like, otherwise none of them bothered me. The Stand is a weird one. The movie is so accurate to the book, yet its just not good. At least for me anyway. I think the tone was off for me or something and I didn’t like the majority of the casting. On the flip side, a movie that I thought was better than the book was Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. I thought the movie really brought that story to life.

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