Hippie on the Loose | Buttercup of Doom ep 05

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In this episode … This week we have our first special guest: writer, ad-guy, hippie, and much more — Robert Ford. Normal people might have a guest on and ask them questions, like an interview. I’m not normal. On this podcast, I invite special guests to rant! And Bob Ford’s ranting topics of choice (aka the buttons I knew existed and pushed without guilt) include bad book covers, shittily© written self-published books that make more money than God, and well… go ahead a listen for more! We also cover the evils of “cholesterol in fiction” (aka “that” and other perils of prose) in the Kiddie Pool 101, the reading this week is from Bob’s collection in Bob’s own voice, and I only interrupt him 273 times (except during the reading). Enjoy!!

Bob Ford can be found on:  blogspot-squareicon  fb-squareicon  twitter-squareicon  (note: no WWW, remember to message him suggestions for his not-dotcom!)          


Sponsors: The God Beneath My Garden, by Robert Ford (available at Amazon)

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7 Responses to Hippie on the Loose | Buttercup of Doom ep 05

  • Nick says:

    Best episode yet! This was great timing too. I just finished “The God Beneath My Garden” a couple days ago. I hope he is on the show again you two have great chemistry, the rant was awesome.

    • Kelli says:

      Awesome, glad you enjoyed it!! And yes, as much as he rants… he’ll be back =)

    • coroner043 says:

      Hey there, Nick! Thanks for picking up a copy of The God Beneath My Garden! I hope you enjoyed the collection. It was great being on the podcast with Kelli – and yes… long time chemistry there. =)

      • Nick says:

        I tried replying and it looked like it glitched out so sorry if there is two comments from me. I really loved “The God beneath My Garden”. A few weeks ago I read “Samson and Denial” both of which I picked up from you at scares that care, as well as “The Compound” which I still have to read. Kelli I loved “Black Bubbles” and the Gracie chapbook I got from you. It was very nice meeting the two of you! I got an awesome picture where it looks like I am forcing you two to pose with me! Keep up the awesome work!

        • Kelli says:

          hahaha… i look horrible in all pics, so don’t judge your abilities by my bizarro expressions =)

          Glad you enjoyed the collection, Black Bubbles — did you have a favorite story?

          and do you have any requests, Q&A, etc. for future podcasts?

          • Nick says:

            It’s hard to pick just one favorite, every story was great in the collection. I really liked the humor and gross factor in “Trials and Tribulations of Dr. Jekyll’s…” The title story was super creepy and left me unsettled, it was a great way to close out the collection. “Grim Circumstances” had such a cool concept, with a good bit of humor in the ending. So if I had to pick, those were probably my favorites. And I do have some questions and what not. I’ll drop them into the podcast form!

        • coroner043 says:

          So glad you enjoyed “The God Beneath my Garden” and “Samson and Denial”, Nick! I was wondering if you were the Nick from Scares that Care! It was great meeting you as well. What a great convention – and can’t wait to be back next year! Not sure if you ever do book reviews on Amazon, but if you do, it would be greatly appreciated for both Kelli and I. Drop me a line when you get around to The Compound and let me know what you think!
          Thanks so much, Nick!

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