Trick or Treat | Buttercup of Doom ep 12

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Episode 12: Trick or Treat, aka The Kitchen Sink… as I cover all the little stuff not previously mentioned or big enough for a show of its own. From the history of Trick or Treating, “fun size” candy, and haunted houses, to decorations, traditions, and my refusal to mention the X(mas) word, making a strange “mmm-hmm” noise throughout whenever it intruded on my holiday (and later editing those mouth bleeps for real bleeps because well, they sounded horrible). Everything. Trick or Treating… tricks and treats, highs and lows, this one covers a LOT of ground.

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• from a listener wondering which books of mine are good for season, here’s two ghostly tales: Crossroads | Wilted Lilies 
• Tricks & Treats from Val and Robin (no links or full names without permission, they’ll tag themselves if they want it out there)  

Mentions/Shoutouts: Brian Keene (again?! seriously, why? I really must stop that!) • The Horror ShowThriller House (halloween light shows)

Hashtag Hell: Halloween 1, 2 & H2O • Rob Zombie • John Carpenter’s Vampires • Nightmare Before Christmas • Jack Skellington • Night of the Living Dead • Dracula • The Wolfman • The Mummy • Jeepers Creepers • Carrie • Trick or Treat • Halloween • Mumming • Guising

This Week’s Rating: PG13 — G(they started it!) L(s,bs – not bad)

Discussion includes: My own little “glad” system… and a giggle
G – god, or religion in general
L – language (s/sh*t, f/f*ck, x/truly tabboo words, g/genitalia mentions)
A – adult themes
D – drugs
S – sex or sexual situations
RR – rock and roll

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6 Responses to Trick or Treat | Buttercup of Doom ep 12

  • burke says:

    Pretty sure we saw Halloween H2O… I remember John Carpenter’s Vampires…. loved that. I miss Halloween with you. Once you moved away it wasn’t the same. Now I am happy if we get a dozen kids. It’s just sad. And FYI, you are always welcome to use my name and/or kill me in a book :)

    • Kelli says:

      You’re moving to the coast next year, right?
      And you’re in the character pile a couple times… =)

      • burke says:

        As long as my kid doesn’t get knocked up I am! If she has one on the way I don’t think I can move right away.

  • Andrea says:

    I don’t belive Christmas decoration should go up until after Remembrance day. At our house they normally don’t go up till December 1st. The only exception is the lights that get put on the house. We try to do that sometime in November before it snows, but they don’t get plugged in till December 1.

    • Kelli says:

      oh i like that… put them up but don’t plug them in. nice.
      we always waited until after my brother’s birthday (poor december baby) to decorate. and took everything down before the next brother’s birthday (january baby)!

      • Andrea says:

        Everything but the outside lights are taken down by New Years, at my house and my parents house. My dad works in retail and is a bit of a grinch. =)

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