Pay Attention | Buttercup of Doom ep 14

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In this episode, I do solemnly promise to scream, swear, and be anything other than gentle in my approach, as I rant, vent, beg and plead people to Pay Attention: to the world around them, to their careers, and especially, while driving. I talk about the Samhain debacle without actually talking about it, I tell stories about local cops, and I spew at anyone and everyone driving while on their phone. I flick foreheads and then tell you to hug loved ones, because I’m all about balance.

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Mentions/Shoutouts: Jonathan JanzHunter SheaKristopher Rufty • Don d’Auria • Jim MooreBrian Keene • The Onion’s Brain-Dead Teen (video)

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4 Responses to Pay Attention | Buttercup of Doom ep 14

  • Andrea says:

    I agree with you about drivers on there phones. It pisses me off too. I walk or bus it everywhere and get pissy when drivers are not paying attention or are in too much of a rush to get someplace to pay attention to where they are going and almost hit me and my daughter. I also tell my daughter I love her so often that she tells me she knows and I can stop telling her that, but I never do. I also kiss her on the forehead or check often, she is not so fond of that but I still do it. =) Life is precious.

  • burke says:

    Love it! Wish I could send it to lots of people anonymously, but they wouldn’t listen anyway. This past weekend I took my nephew to the Science Museum and as we built fliers to put in a wind tube, there were these two girls about 4 or 5 yrs old whose mom sat on her phone not even watching them. They were having so much fun, using critical thinking skills to make their fliers go higher and higher. She didn’t look up once. I wanted to go smack the phone out of her hand and grab her face and say “pay attention!!”. But instead I had fun with her girls and enjoyed them instead. Sadly the girls never even bothered her, like they knew better or something.

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