Jury Duty | Buttercup of Doom ep 07

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In this episode … I stick to the theme this week! First I read/examine the oaths spoken in court, then explain why not to do that in writing. We move to a happy that doesn’t require you to go load a video, move to the rant you may or may not have been expecting after this week, and round it out with a gentle reminder about attitude.jurydutygang

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Shoutouts: The Jurors: blonde gazelle, mom, that guy, steelers, subway dude (risk taker & streaks were missed. oops!), british Bonnie, and the alt (if any want to be known, they can claim their nickname while commenting • Kevin Bacon (#freethebacon) • Nicole Arbour (that’s becoming a bad habit!) • Amy Shumer

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  • burke says:

    I will be ordering some of that Doctor Who soap for a Christmas gift. I see a few other things on Sunrise Soap Co that i want too! :) Love your jury duty ideas. In all my years of adulthood I have never gotten called to Jury Duty. It sounds fascinating and I am oddly jealous!!

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