Lick the Screen | Buttercup of Doom ep 09

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In this episode … It’s all about getting personal. Starting with a requested 101 from the Kiddie Pool, and rolling into the reason for the title of this episode (see image below for spoilers, listen for explanation). Then I rant my little pants off about the creepy voyeurism (and narcissism) of social media and the disappearing boundaries of personal information. I close with wise words from the women who came before me, and take a roll call. It’s all well and good and fun, and it’ll only cost you your privacy!

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shhh-lickMentions: Preditors & Editors | Absolute Write | Duotrope | Instagram accounts worth your time: Tony Detroit & _Nazgul

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With two special notes. First: #gyptard. Secondly, Lu (and other non-writers wanting to skip forward) the 101 is done about the 16 minute mark.

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