Social Media | Buttercup of Doom ep 15

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This Week’s Rating: PG13 — buttercup ratings system info here

In this episode … I define and dissect social media— why we have it, how we use it, when to nuke it. I give a 101 on the various ways to advertise without spamming on the multitude of platforms, break down intention vs reality for the big three, look at the generational preferences, and have a thought or two on the red coffee cup.

(clarification note: the “at symbol” aka “@” is used for tagging people, rather than just “hashtagging” aka “#” ideas and general subjects)

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Funny Ha-Ha: Llamas with Hats

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5 Responses to Social Media | Buttercup of Doom ep 15

  • Andrea says:

    I use plurk and instagram most. I tend to forget to login into twitter. Twitter if very fast, if you follow lots of people you will be on it all day and get nothing else done. Guess that is why hashtags are a great thing. Any idea for years end or for the beginning of next year for an episode would be favourite books/stories you read this year. Would love to here about authors you think are underrated and people should pay attention to.

    • Kelli says:

      ok, that’s a new one on me… what the heck is Plurk? compare it to something else and then tell me why you use that one =)

      and I generally don’t do favorites lists, but maybe i’ll do “something” for the podcast…

      • Andrea says:

        Plurk is like the post and the comments that get left section of facebook, There’s no games less ads.I use it to keep in touch with knitters.

  • wormdirt says:

    I feel really bad for the person who came up with that red cup. They’re thinking, they used my idea!! It’s so simple. Elegant, even. And hip, because of the whole hombre thing. I nailed this!! And then this– uh, Becky? Can I see you in my office?

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