Social Media 2.0 | Buttercup of Doom ep 16

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In the last episode, I defined & dissected social media, and then the attacks in Paris happened and social media exploded with the good, the bad, and the ugly… and warranted another round. This time, with friends. Kevin Strange and Dave Thomas swing the ugly stick at online behavior of both mortals and journalists, with a submitted rant from Gef Fox, as we look at herd mentality, blatant lies, guided conspiracies, and more. (Note: this week was recorded using Skype, so yes, it’s a different sound quality than normal but worth it!)

Pimpage of Guests: Kevin Strange’s Texas Chainsaw Mantis | The Horror Show with Brian Keene | Gef Fox’s Wag the Fox

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Mentions/Shoutouts: Brian Keene • Geoff Cooper • America’s Got Talent • John Stewart • Trevor Noah • Daily Show • Last Week Tonight • John Oliver • Does the Dog Die dotcom •

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