Buzz buzz… tease!

flyWhile I still haven’t heard from the 3 people that scare me the most, I’m quite pleased with how well Six Days has been received. (There’s still a copy on Ebay if you missed ordering it.) I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments, some great reviews, and a ton of questions regarding the next thing… So here’s a quick update.

See the fly?

The snow is gone. The temperature is rising more and more each day. There are happy little shoots of green popping out of the ground. The birds are losing their minds. And the squirrels are twitterpated. I think it may be safe to say we’ve survived winter. And with the end of winter comes the return of insects… some of whom have signature sheets (which I mentioned on twitter). And really really awesome covers—to be posted in the next tease installment…

I know. I’m evil. That was mean. But if you think of it as foreplay rather than marketing, it’s much more fun!

Working on: new novel (#wpp), short for private antho and essay for a princess.

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