Change is good

Because I’m still formulating, editing and generally unfucking the thoughts that were to be posted today, let’s do something quick and dirty instead. Due to a twitter I wanted to respond to this weekend, I revisited the HorrorWench, because there was a pertinent post there once upon a time. And as I was looking for it, I saw that the persona was looser, a touch more insane, and sadly, funnier. I lost my funny?!! Or so I question…

A lot has happened in the last few years, more so in the last six months, and my voice is changing because of it. I feared it for a while, now I’m getting comfortable with the idea of it [although this YA Fantasy building steam in my brain kinda worries me!]. But my blog voice doesn’t have to leave the silly behind, does it?

So here’s a question for my 7-1/2 loyal readers… should I include the silly? The short snark and quick quips? Should I let that slightly insane part of me back out in public or keep this serious? Do I stick to thought out posts of turtles and roadtrips and metaphor laden apples, or do I splash in the everyday stupid? Do you really care if that commercial irritated me, or do you just want to hear what I’m working on [1 novella, 2 novels, 3 shorts, contracts for 2 new things, and edits for 2 other people]?

I’ve changed. My life has changed. My blog has changed. They say change is good… but does change necessarily mean stopping one thing completely and going a different direction, or can it be a strange melding of personalities?

Speak up! I can’t hear you…

0 Responses to Change is good

  • Princess Alethea says:

    I can’t believe you even asked this question. Writers whoonly talk about writing are BORING. Please promise me there will always be the funny!!

  • Jerry Gordon says:

    Alethea couldn’t be more right. Bring on the silly.

  • the blog is you. just be you.

  • Kevin Lucia says:

    Silly good. Silly fun. Need the silly. No like non-silly.

  • Circus Clown says:

    You’re reading way too much into it. Just be yourself. That’s who everyone loves.

  • Bob Freeman says:

    Readers want you, not some role playing sock puppet. Kelli Dunlap has lots to say, not all of it serious… and we’re thankful for that. Keep it real…

  • Vlad says:

    No silly? What’s the point of life without the silly? May as well go skinny-dipping in a wood chipper if there’s no silly in your life. Hell, if you get right down to it…even horror is kinda silly, really. So keep the silly, dammit, and help keep me sane.

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    I’ve always liked the snarky, funny posts you wrote. I say keep up with it. It seems to work for you and it makes your blog fun to read.

  • The Hippie says:

    Whoa whoa whoa. Hold the damn phone a sec.

    You’re snarky? =)

    Get on with it, gypsy girl. You’re – at a minimum – as multi-faceted as most people. Show us those true colors. I’m a huge fan of your insightful, thought-provoking blog posts, but just as interesting are the humorous observations of everyday life through your eyes.

    I’ll echo the rest here… just be you. It’s your blog, damn it. Write what moves ya.

  • Kelli says:

    There’s 7… seems to be a consensus, excellent—bring on the snark!! [er, fun… I meant to say “fun”]

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