Changing Memories

wonder-woman1Childhood memories are fun. There are some that stick with you all the time, that make you smile—or cringe. There are some that pop up randomly because someone says something, or you smell something, and you’re reminded of something you had completely forgotten.

Where do those go?

There’s a joke in my family that we remember/know some of the most asinine, amazingly stupid, silly tidbits of knowledge. And yet, my sister and I cannot remember what we learned in 8th grade history. It’s fun actually. Some song will come on that neither of us has heard for 20 years and we’ll remember every single word. When one questions the other as to why we would remember that, the immediate answer is “8th grade history!”

Childhood memories are fun. Even when they come out of left field. And those can be a real treat, a snack of happy for no good reason. Occasionally, someone else will remember it differently and you’re left to wonder not only “which is correct,” but “why would your mind change that memory.” Other times, what you remember comes with an epiphany—while the memory doesn’t necessarily change, the imagery of it becomes clear. Because the adult mind sees something the child completely missed.

Take for example, Wonder Woman.

My grandfather loved that show. We were actually given the task of calling him every Tuesday at 7p.m. to remind him that it was on, so that he wouldn’t miss it. Grandpa Ken was a fun old guy. He was actually Grandma’s 2nd husband, but I was short(er) and didn’t understand that. He was just Grandpa Ken—the guy that drank something on ice, told great jokes, had awesome stories, let me watch horror movies, tortured my sister’s spider fear by tickling her neck while we watched Kingdom of Spiders, and loved Wonder Woman.

For some reason the boss and I were talking about Wonder Woman on smoke break, and I was telling him all this… I suddenly stopped talking and stared at the ground for a minute while the child in my mind grew up and grasped reality.

Wait a minute.

I was 8.

Children loved that show. Adults suffered through it. I know that now. I get that now. It’s like Hannah Montana. And Grandpa was watching it when we weren’t even there. He never loved that stupid show…

Enter reality: Grandpa loved Wonder Woman’s costume!!

And just like that, a childhood memory is destroyed in a moment of adult clarity… Continue to rest in peace, you dirty old man. I kind of love you a little more for that revelation =)

0 Responses to Changing Memories

  • DANA TYLER says:

    oh, so true! But I’m surprised it took you until today to figure out the costume factor! hee hee…nice page design….:)

  • Qweequeg says:

    Wow… my Dad loved – LOVED – that show, too. Thank you for passing along the “O.o” moment. :P

  • wolfnoma says:

    I grew up watching that show and the only reason I ever watched it was to see Linda Carter put her arms out to her sides and spin around and magically change into that glorious Amazonian crime fighter and then commence to run the bad guys down. That and of course tie them up with her Lariet of Truth. (Yeah, I know I have issues.)

  • b says:

    i just woke up from a dream where i was awake and could return to any memory i have and re-live it how i like.. this shocked me awake and i ran to check if anyones discussing this online.

    what would happen to the ‘original’ memory?

    would the people involved be ‘aware’ of this?

    i found ur wonderwoman story sweet, however.. im goin back to bed now, and i might just pop in on her when i get done with spring cleaning all the monsters.

    much loves.

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