Changing Stars

orion1Every time I look up at the stars in Pennsylvania I have to do a double take. Years of stargazing in Wisconsin makes me automatically turn a certain direction to find the dippers, but they’re not where I expect. Instead of being at eleven o’clock, they’re at eight o’clock.

The sky is different now.

One of the best lines—best ideas—from A Knight’s Tale was “change your stars.”  For those that haven’t seen it, it’s basically about taking a leap of faith, believing in yourself, and proving to the world (and yourself) that you have the right to the title that you already claim. And it’s a great message. It works for writing… it works for life.

Destiny. Fate. Pretty words, but really just a cop-out for not doing something, or an excuse for the way something worked. It’s like letting something else, instead of someone else, take the blame for your status quo. Just waiting.

Why wait?

“Change your stars.” I quote this line all the time, and it dawned on me today that I actually did. I switched gears by selling horror-web and concentrating on my writing. I switched gears by moving across country. I grabbed Destiny by the throat and banged her head against Fate’s temple. I changed my stars. While I was driving home and the blog was brewing in my mind, I then thought of the Bucket-List Blog that I just posted and thought, “huh… more stars?”

A bucket-list often has things that are attainable, if you actually try, but also includes the impossible checklist. The unrealistic but lovely daydreams that we all have. But are they really impossible, or just improbable? Is it a matter of destiny or bravery? I never thought I’d actually do a lot of things I’ve found the bravery to do in the last few years. I thank the universe for it’s nudges and help, but I know that at any given point I could have cowered instead of standing firm. I know it wasn’t luck but work, wasn’t fate but determination. What’s the point of a bucket list if it’s nothing more than a lottery list (you know, the “what I would do if I won the lottery?” game). Hmm… I think a new change jar is needed, labeled “Disney in Japan.”

The sun is setting on today. Besides the oranges and reds and amazing streaks the clouds make, it’s a reminder that tomorrow is coming. More opportunities. More chances for change. And as I look up, I see that Orion is in the wrong spot… because I’ve gone and changed my stars.

What do your constellations look like? OH… weren’t expecting that? A blog a day means I get to throw garage talk whenever I want to, so let’s try that again, now that you’ve gulped down that shock: What do your constellations look like? What needs changing? What needs bravery? What’s not really impossible?

Your assignment: find Orion… and move him.

0 Responses to Changing Stars

  • Chuck says:

    I really liked this post, and it makes alot of sense. In a big way, I to have changed my stars. Something that I owe you and Hippie big time for helping me do. Changing your stars is not always easy, but it is worth it.

    Oh, and by the way, nice tie in to the bucket-list post. I liked that.

  • wolfnoma says:


    As with most people, I know what I need to do to change my stars and I know what price I would have to pay to attain certain dreams I have. Unfortunatley at this time I am not willing to give up certain aspects of my life to achieve those stardust filled dreams.

    As for what my constellation(s) look like? Simply put, they look like the ever changing angelic face of my 10 year old daughter.

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