Chaperones needed

So, I have this thing today. It’s in a book store. I’m not allowed in book stores without a chaperone. Wanna come hold my hand?

Myself, Robert Ford, and JF Gonzalez will be signing and selling at Book Ends bookstore in York, PA on Saturday Oct 15 (today!!) from 3p – 6p, 2856 Eastern Blvd, York, PA

Coming along for the ride are the remaining paperback stock of “Waiting Out Winter,” some copies of “The Neighborhood,” and only a couple each of Shroud #6 (w/ the story “The Man Who Slept Through Tomorrow”), “Fresh Blood” (with “Left For Dead”), “Poe Little Thing” (with the poem “Victims”), the Dust/Divorce chapbook (a coupling of my story “Divorcing the Dead” and Brian Keene’s “Dust” originally released as a special inclusion for those who purchased Maelstrom #1 direct from the publisher), Dark Faith (with “Good Enough,” and comes with the companion chap: Last Rites), and just maybe…

There are rumors of cookies and gourmet Halloween cupcakes. A book store (dangerous in and of itself) with huge new sci-fi, fantasy and horror offerings. A beautiful day for a trip to the book store to celebrate the season with some new reading material. Come play!!

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