Christmas Caffeine

So, how was everyone’s morning? I imagine that most of you are currently in the midst of a wrapping paper hang over and may not even see this until tomorrow… but it’s time for some ginger and rum spiced coffee with whip cream and nutmeg on it [ok, that sounds kind of gross… sorry about that].  So here’s a holiday coffee talk for Christmas morning…

What is your favorite gift that you received this year? But more importantly, because the spirit of the season is giving, what is your favorite gift you gave someone else this year?

Mine is my dad’s. I’m writing this early, so I don’t know what my favorite is yet—though my rocking circle of friends did an awesome job with my favorite box of chocolates/caramels, a dragonfly IN a rock [2 for 1], and a hat-trick which included the best flashlight ever made… it looks like a tootsie roll! [And this is important damn it, because tootsie rolls have meaning right now]. But back to giving… my dad’s. I went cheap this year [see Finding My Funny for xmas-cheap], but cheap isn’t always bad or silly. For my dad, the kids and I came up with 972* things about dad/grandpa that we love, like, appreciate, etc. We printed them on green and red paper, cut them apart, folded them and put them in a mason jar that we made a label for that read “Grandpa’s Magical Jar of Happy Thoughts”.  He can read them all at once, he can read one a day, or he can pull them out when he needs them most. It doesn’t matter. It does matter that he know how we feel about him and I think we managed to convey that message in a festive, fun and inexpensive way.

How about you? And someone pass the egg nog…

*This exaggeration brought to you in the name of JFB

0 Responses to Christmas Caffeine

  • Oh, this is an easy one: a painting my Grandma did in the Chinese style, framed by my aunt. This will sound horrible, but I really thought I’d have to wait until the previous generation died before I could get one of her precious, precious works of art on my wall. I almost started to cry when I unwrapped it.

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    My favourite gift that I received was being able to see my children, since I didn’t think I’d make it home this year. My favourite gift that I gave was a diary I bought for my seven year old daughter that she begged me for. It comes with stickers so she can decorate it herself and it also comes with a cute pink heart locket to store the key. That was a cool gift.

  • Tina Sieg says:

    My favorite gift ended up being one I gave & one I recieved. LOVE the new digtal photo frames! So we got Wayne’s Mom one this year and I took her old photo albums and loaded them on the frame along with a bunch from my ‘warehouse” I have boxes & boxes of pictures that I never look through. Wayne’s baby pictures, her Mom, Christmases since the beginning of time. And I got one from the boys too. Now I have it by my computer and when I glance up, I can catch a pic from when the boys were little, or just a great memory. Brilliant!

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