Last Saturday my daughter turned into a princess.

Of course, I’ve been calling her that for years, but this time when I said it I was looking at a young woman, wearing a spaghetti strapped, Cinderella-blue gown that followed her curves and flowed gracefully to the white and silver open-toe heels she’d chosen. Her natural curls were pulled half up, several tendrils hanging down the center of her bare-skinned back. The make-up was just right [although the eyes were, as always, a touch dark for my liking]. From start to finish this was an event. Finding just the right dress and sparing no expense to make sure it was right. Locating the elusive shoes that were the right height, right color, and right size for my damn tall child with the big-girl feet. Deciding on the hair and whether or not there should be a tiara. Oh yes, it was quite an adventure. I dropped her off at the Sweetie’s Dance [winter formal to us old folks], sans pumpkin vehicle, and saw her best friend [Red] with her boyfriend. I did my job—I teased the lot of them, took pictures, wished them all the happiness the evening could promise and walked away.

Between this and hormones, my babies are growing up… fast. But this isn’t about that. After all, it’s Thursday and at some point I should probably make a point, or get to a point, or better yet, ask the Coffee Talk question already, eh? So let’s go with a memory. Do you remember your first formal? Your last? What do you remember? Which details stick out? The shoes you looked all over for? Trying on seven different lip shades before deciding? How awkward you felt in that cumberbum? Spill it!

I remember the junior prom in vivid detail. I didn’t go to my senior prom—don’t ask, it’s a long, sad, sorry story. But I remember that junior prom. I remember the dress, and the way my hair was, and cooking all day to make a great romantic meal, and the smell of the gymnasium that night, and the feel of my date’s shoulder against my temple. I don’t have any recollection of the shoes I wore. I don’t remember how the night ended. But I remember enough to close my eyes and be there, and that’s kind of cool. A lifetime memory, and one that I hope to hell I helped Manda make last weekend. Of course, I couldn’t pop her bubble and let her know that all those details would pale when she was faced with the details of her own daughter’s formal someday. I may have been a princess once upon a time, on a warm May night in the late 80s, but there’s only one Cinderella…

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  • Phyllis says:

    I was a freshman when I attended my first Senior prom. I went as a favor to a friend. Seriously, if you look at the picture on my FB account, you will understand. I wore this royal blue strapless gown with sequins (sp?) at the top. Me and my shiny braces. It [prom] was at a hotel and the after – prom was on a boat. I got home about 3 a.m. or so. I was truly a boring date. I didn’t dance. I don’t remember where I ate or what I ate for that matter.

    I went to Senior prom #2 when I was a junior. I don’t remember much of that either, except that I was wearing a peach gown, I was having a bad hair day, and we ate at some Restaurant that was known for it’s Jazz music.

    Senior Prom #3 I was a senior and living out on my own. I borrowed a magenta gown from a friend and the Limo driver paid for me and my dates dinner. After the prom, we all went back to my apartment and got drunk.

    And I never danced at ANY of the dances. I’m not much of a dancer. Never was, and never will be.

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