Confucius says…

fortune-cookie“Man who stand on toilet, high on pot.” That is not a fortune. Neither is the one in the picture. Why? Because “fortune” cookies no longer have the balls to “predict” the future. They aren’t even willing to do it with the generality and broad brushstrokes of a horoscope.

They suck.

Remember when fortune cookies included fortunes? I do. Hell, I heart my fortune cookies. They’re on my bedroom wall, the kitchen cupboard and all along my counter at work. I have even made three major life decisions based on a fortune cookie. Now now, don’t get your panties in a bunch, they were the right decision, whether I blamed the balls to do it on a cookie made by 10-year-olds on an assembly line in the middle of Taiwan somewhere or took the credit myself. Regardless, those cookies used to have fortunes in them.

I’m pretty sure no one else out there will admit to making life decisions based on a piece of paper baked inside the thinnest dough in the world, but I’m also pretty sure you’ve all seen some doosey fortune cookies in your time. So… oh yeah, it’s Thursday, you knew it was coming…

What’s the best fortune cookie you ever got? Maybe because it was funny or had ironic timing. Or maybe just because you remember it. Confucius says, “Share with the class!”

Mine? “You will find far more fish in the sea than in your net.” Yeah… Some of you may be able to date that one. Most of you would be wrong. And the one that’s still on my wall, “Now would be a good time for a trip,” had prophetic meaning even I couldn’t have guessed. Happy Thursday… now on with the sharing!

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  • Sara Larson says:

    My all-time favorite was – “You will make your heart known through your words.” I still have that one.

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