Count to three

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
~ Dr. Seuss

I’ve been gone. I know. I apologize. And of course I pick the week of Xmas to pull up my big girl britches. So rather than throwing a question out on Thursday this week, and risk it getting lost in the weekend rush of Santa & Satan, we’re going to do it early… welcome to Garage Talk, Coffee Talk, the-questiony-thing-I-post-on-Thursdays-that-I-need-to-rename-again. (Yes I’m taking suggestions!)

“How are you?” Dumbest question ever. Period.

No one really wants to know the truth. They neither want nor expect to hear, “I lost my job, my kid was expelled from school and my husband has been diagnosed with early onset knufflebunny.” No. They want to hear, “Great! How about you?”

Not only is that what they want to hear, it’s all we’re usually willing to offer. We downplay the things going on in our world, out of shyness or restraint or shame or whatever, until it boils over the edge, and then we spew to friends or family about everything that was really running through our heads when asked, “How are you.” (It’s not run-on Jack. It’s long and complicated to show excitement and/or frustration)

So let’s play a game. We’ll call it “How are Were You, Truthfully.” It’s kind of like “I Am”, but this time it won’t be five pages. This time it won’t be pretty flowing sentences and the opportunity for metaphors. This time it’s short and sweet. This time it is a list and nothing more.

The challenge: For each year of your life, choose 3 words that define what you were or felt that year. Count to three. (No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out.) If you don’t remember a year, skip it. For a visual, it should look something like this:

7. scared. confused. secretive.

11. nervous. untrusting. excited.

17. depressed. lost. angry.

The point is to think back. Remember when you were X. Recall the events and people important enough or whom had enough of an impact for you to remember them now. You’ll be surprised how you jog your memory doing this. And in the end, after you’ve thought about that year, choose three words to describe it.

Just three little words.

As usual, you may share with the class if you choose, but this is really for you—to create a bullet point of your life, before you get old and forget it all…



3 Responses to Count to three

  • Alyn Day says:

    7: Curious. Optmimistic. Trusting.
    8: Interested. Hopeful. Naive.
    9: Cautious. Afraid. Lonely.
    10: Worried. Brave. Lonely.
    11: Strong. Tough. Lonely.
    12: Hopeful. Determined. Lonely.
    13: Creative. Thoughtful. Lonely.
    14: Engaged. Tenacious. Lonely.
    15: Stressed. Busy. Tired.

    19: Enthusiastic. Ambitious. Loved.

    21: Important. Accomplished. Alone.

    23: Overworked. Unappreciated. Weary.

    25: Optimistic. Worthwhile. Positive.
    26: Destroyed. Demolished. Ruined.
    27: Reborn. Reenergized. Focused.
    28: Happy. Lucky. Proud.

  • wolfnoma says:

    0. Awed, hungry, gassy
    1. Amazed, hungry, fascinated
    2. Cranky, hungry, angry
    3. Sad, hungry, confused
    4. Happy, hungry, tired
    5. Excited, hungry, shy
    6. Hurt, scared, love
    7. Stupid, confused, lost
    8. Pain, pain, pain
    9. Mischievous, death, creative
    10. Depressed, creative, lost
    11. Jealous, happy, friendship
    12. Friendship, creative, mischievous
    13. Angry, stoned, lost
    14. Free, alone, stoned
    15. Love, depressed, confusion
    16. Fear, fear, fear
    17. Hate, death, accepted
    18. Exhaustion, purpose, betrayal
    19. Exhaustion, acceptance, death
    20. Love, elation, exhaustion
    21. Love, confusion, pain
    22. Exhaustion, pain, laughter
    23. Loneliness, unimportant, incisive
    24. Mischievous, disoriented, bewildered
    25. Amused, weary, old
    26. Futility, worthless, despondent
    27. Pessimistic, misery, hopeless
    28. grief, love, hope
    29. aspiration, dejection, fear
    30. drained, jaded, fear
    31. optimism, exhaustion, elation
    32. excited, manic, elation
    33. joy, love, hope
    34. exhaustion, joy, death
    35. drained, renewed, fatigued
    36. awful, needed, stressed
    37. stressed, required, manic
    38. foolish, fractured, mischievous
    39. sorrow, pain, loneliness
    40. hope, loneliness, purposeful
    41. unnecessary, microscopic, moronic
    42. hope, pain, grief
    43. excitement, exhaustion, pain
    44. pain, exhaustion, joyous

  • Kelli says:

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