Dear Subscribers and/or those who are receiving RSS or other updates,

You are receiving notification on OLD blogs, and I’m sorry for that. Feel free to ignore them. Why is it happening? I’m doing some MAJOR housekeeping on the blog portion of the website. I’ve moved all the buttercups out, I’m updating, refreshing, meta-tagging, and uber cleaning the rest. Why am I doing that? Well, because even the graveyard needs a good cleaning once in a while, and also, I got hacked and pissed and so I’m putting up blockades and metas and firewalls and arghhhh…

So yeah, I’m cleaning up some things. You may get notification of “new” blogs, but they’re not. I won’t post anything new until I’m done cleaning and I remove this one… well, other than Buttercups. Those are new every monday. Thanks for subscribing, RSSing, or whatever it is you’re doing to stalk me. I appreciate it!!

Thoughts? Tell me what you think...

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— - · White Rose Comic Con · - —
March 22-24, 2019
York, PA

— - · Scares that Care · - —
August 2-4, 2019
Williamsburg, VA

— - · Killer Con · - —
August 16-18, 2019
Round Rock, TX

— - · Merrimack Valley · - —
Halloween Book Festival
October 12, 2019