Death Before Dishonor

Who sows virtue reaps honor.
~Leonardo da Vinci

I love fireworks. Big ones, little cheesy ones, all of them. Always. I’ve seen them from afar, up close, over the water, above the fields, on a blanket, in a car, on a boat, and from a plane. The 12-year-old in me loves the part where everyone oohs and aahs, the sparks that crackle, and the weird shapes they manage to create with various chemicals.

The other part of me loves the meaning.

That part of me gets teary-eyed when I watch them in the night sky. That part of me quietly thanks countless dead. You see, when my kids were little I always told them that each and every little spark in the sky during the fireworks display was someone who died for our freedom. I respect the hell out of those that fight for us, that stand for us, that protect us. My family is littered with military, but it’s beyond that, it’s a pride thing. It’s an honor thing.

And because of that honor, that pride, when I found this article I was pissed. Stop now and go read it. Then, after you punch something, come on back…

“Everybody lies,” may be true a good percentage of the time. But that doesn’t make it right, for Pete’s sake! And to lie about military honors, with protection from the supreme court to do so? You’ve got to be kidding me. Lying is wrong, it’s bad, it’s immoral and unethical. I’ve been telling my kids since they could, well… breathe, the number one rule is no lying. In truth, it’s “burn my house down but don’t lie about it,” but the point is, we teach our kids not to lie. As adults, we are often more often hurt by lies than we are physical injuries.

To lie about your age is one thing. To lie and say you were in the military is another. But to take that to the next level and claim to be someone with honors and medals, won while fighting for the freedoms we have in this country? That’s just awful. It’s low. It’s immoral to pretend to be the people that gave you the right to pretend to be the people… yeah, there’s an infinite loop there but I’ll stop at just one.

Freedom of Speech is “The right, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to express beliefs and ideas without unwarranted government restriction.” It is the freedom to have an opinion—whether it be political or religious. The freedom of speech is not a freedom to lie. This is dishonoring people that died in the name of honor. This is basically mocking those that understood valor and virtue. This is disgusting.

Thousands upon thousands of people have died so we could live in a free country. And last night every single one of them was rolling over in their graves rather than lighting up the night sky with sparks and plumes of smoke and showers of color and wonder. It’s Thursday. There’s no question to answer, just an opinion. What’s yours?


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