Some things in life just don’t make sense to me, like decaffeinated coffee. Why go through the trouble of removing the caffeine? Now you have this nasty acidic liquid that does nothing for you and tastes like butt [well, unless you add some lovely caramel-vanilla creamer, then it tastes like caramel-vanilla butt]. Why choose that if good old happy juice is available? If you have to drink it, why not get the boost of caffeine? But there are lots of things like that in life that I don’t get. And yes, it would be safe to assume that this is some twisted form of Coffee Talk… or rather Coffee Think, because I’m really not expecting answers to this one.

Today’s topic: caffeine, or rather, happiness. Some people are afraid of happiness. Some almost seem to ward it off because they don’t trust it. Some believe it comes in a physical form or from outside sources. Some blame others when they don’t have it. Some get it in little bursts and some maintain it for long periods. Like caffeine, people often forget that it boils down to being their decision. They choose to drink from the green decanter instead of the brown, when they know they want the caffeine but think maybe they’ve had enough. Why?! So… the question of the hour: Are you happy? Why not? What’s missing? What can you fix? What do you need to do to fix it? And will creamer help, or do you need to tough it out with good old black java. Do you need to find bravery to find happiness, or just go for the gusto and grab the caffeinated pot off the counter.

Me? Right now I’m happy, inside and out. I’m happier than I’ve been in a long long while. I peeled some layers, and dusted off some key personality traits that were hidden among the cobwebs—it really didn’t take much. And because I’m about as far from high-maintenance as you can get, I don’t want/need physical things [ok, books don’t count and needing a chaperone in a bookstore doesn’t count…that’s a weakness, I’m allowed that!], I don’t expect things to fall in my lap, and I understand that it has to come from within, not outside sources. BUT… oh come on, you knew there was going to be a “but”. Sometimes you can confuse internal decisions with outside influences, you can make excuses for your own decisions, even claim that they were out of your control.  I’m happy, but I also have a very good idea what would make me ecstatic right now, give me that sustained happy, and it’s not outside influences that will make it happen, it’s my own decisions. How I proceed. Which path I choose. Whether I take the high road or veer off toward that hapless pedestrian over there. I know I want the medium cup, a touch of caramel-vanilla, and the caffeine… I want it enough to get up off my butt and get a cup. I just need to remember to check the expiration date on the creamer.

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  • Joseph Mulak says:

    Funny you should ask that question. I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve actually felt truly happy. All through school I was the guy dressed in black who went around threatening suicide all the time. And even now, while I’m on my way to getting married to the woman I love in less than 8 months (unlike the first time I got married which was because she was pregnant), and you’d think I’d be happy. But I just can’t seem to be satisfied. Weird, huh?

  • Minion says:

    Nope. I lack any goals to fulfill and therefore I have no purpose.

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