Die! Die!

Crap, its Thursday already… how’d that happen?! Ok, quick and dirty coffee talk, because I wasn’t prepared [79 days and life gets calmer, 79 days and life gets calmer… feel free to chant along!]. Soooo…we’re cheating and going with an old stand-by this week, because everyone has had this conversation, right? Time to share!

Would you want to know the exact date of your death? If you could decide when and how you die, would you? How old would you be, where would you be, and how would you kick the proverbial bucket?

NO. Wait! Let’s make this more interesting… none of that “in my sleep” crap. If you had to decide which horrible, brutal, messy, disgusting, possibly painful, excruciatingly painful, way that you had to die… how would it be? Come on, I write horror… see if you can shock me. I dare you!

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  • Zoe says:

    Okay, I’ll take being chomped to death by alligators at 53. I’ll be at the petting zoo, making mine and everyone else’s deaths that much more ironically tragic when the alligators attack. None of us could have predicted our bloody, grisly deaths while surround by cute, fuzzy critters.

    But then, green death will strike, and my leg will be snapped at the ankle. I’ll drop and start screaming in agony as another alligator chomps my hip. The last thing I’ll see will bee a gullet as a giant mouth snaps closed over my head.

    But I really want to die at 60, peacefully, and in my sleep. 60 is good, since it’s longer than I’m expected to last, and in my sleep is good, because going out any other way terrifies the fuck out of me. -.-

  • Bob Ford says:

    If it had to be horrible, brutal, messy, etc., then hell… I’d make sure it’d be something that would make the news.

    Riding on a ten-speed on city streets, getting bumped by a taxi, hitting a curb and getting thrown head first (sans helmet, of course) into the business end of a Clydesdale with a mounted policeman munching a bear claw. Said clydesdale would then gallop in fear and horror through downtown traffic with my scrawny self dangling free and blowing like a silk yard ornament until the policeman, the clydesdale, and me got hit by a city garbage truck and painted an angry red exclamation point right in the middle of an intersection.

  • Megan says:

    Well, I had this sort of morbid discussion the other day. My boyfriend and I watch endless hours of a show called “First 48” (his choice) which follows real cops during the first 48 hours after a homicide.

    Anyhoo…the shooting (execution style) murders seem to bother me the worst. I’d hate for my last moments to be facing a wall, waiting….waiting…that would be torture.

    If some asshat is going to shoot me, well, we’re going to have knock-down-drag-out and I’m gonna scatch the bejeezus out of his eyes or rip of an earlobe off (at the very least!) on my way to glory. I’d like the opportunity to leave an assassin with a permanent reminder of when he came across that crazy Megan chick. :)

    Great blog. Best of luck with the writing.

  • Kelli says:

    wow… zoe is killing off everyone at the zoo with her, bob’s on the news, and megan is getting executed. nice answers!!

    my answer: I actually wasn’t going to answer, just because i didn’t want to get phone calls from people thinking i was suicidal, but i told one person the answer and while i was called sick and twisted, suicidal wasn’t a worry, so here ya go… inside the twisted mind of a [i]gentle buttercup of doom[/i]: eviscerated, disemboweled, guts spilling out all over in a slow death that takes a while to settle in. there’d be pain, and white ropey stuff [hahaha], and of course death would SUCK, but if i had to choose a gross, sick way to die, that’s it… if for nothing more than to experience the strange sensation of your own guts against the cool air, feeling your normally warm insides exposed and cooling themselves. probably my demented writer’s mind, and yes, i actually used it in a story once [Finger Painting, in the Raw Meat collection from Wicked Karnival], but if ya gotta die, you should get something new and interesting out of the experience… don’t ya think? [oh, and i’ll be OLD… like 101 old… cuz i’m not dying until i’m done living, damn it!]

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