Diversity Training

A tall bald white boy, a long haired hippie dude, and a short black minister* walk into a bar… Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? Of course, then they’d have to meet up with the token chick that’s often considered scarier than any of them and there’d be a duck or goat or something involved for the punchline, except it’s not a joke. There’s no punchline. It’s just my boys. As different from each other as they are from me, yet we mesh.

A balding smart ass of a white boy that thinks he’s black some days, a long haired Harley softie, and a sweet, shy and often underestimated Mexican [or is he Native, wow, why don’t i know that?!]… could be the beginning of another joke, but it’s not. And while there may be llamas involved, there are no goats. They’re just my mentors. As different from each other as they are from me.

Recent elections included an old white dude, an Alaskan chick and a Midwest black boy all for change. The boy won and suddenly “diversity” is a buzz word [my brother even had to take a course on it in college!].  Helllooooooo… *tap tap* is this thing on? There is no need to get defensive or aggressive. There’s no good reason or consequences to pointing out differences. We have a black president, cool, whatever. I don’t care if he’s black, white or purple, so long as he does the job. I recently told my daughter I didn’t care if her boyfriend was black, white or purple, so long as he treated her properly. It’s the 21st Century, do we really still need to act like this? Is it so hard to figure out? Color doesn’t mean anything… we all bleed red.

Just slow down and think about that for a minute. How many people run in circles that mesh but don’t match? Do you love your family or friends or whomever more or less because they tan better than you? Or because they pick up the phone when you need them to the most?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to finish these edits and send presents to the boys, and then shoot off some emails to the mentors, and not once think about how different they are. They just are, and that’s all that matters!

*3, 2, 1… hey there, wanna argue about this post? I think we’re over-due for dueling blogs =)

NOTE: afforementioned short black minister has pointed out that ‘some’ people would have a problem with my use of ‘black’ and ‘boy’ too close together. Me? I meant young, the puppy of the election. You? If you thought I meant to offend, you need to read my blog more and maybe meet me at a con… so not how I roll!!!

0 Responses to Diversity Training

  • it’s so on now!


  • I can’t believe you called me both tall AND bald. That’s just mean.

    Or something.

  • Tina says:

    I’m pissed…….. you neglected to mention your oreo friend. how rude! Especially coming from an apple. I expect a full apology (yeah I know, people in hell want ice water too ~ which, by the way, isn’t true. I live in hell and I’d prefer a Canada Dry.)

  • Bob Ford says:

    Hippie? HIPPIE? Look.. just because I have long hair, wear wooden beads on my wrist, and have Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton and Led Zeppelin on my Ipod right now, that doesn’t mean that I…

    All right, but I’m politically open-minded and more middle of the road with…

    Well shit. Y’know what? I don’t smell like patchouli oil and I haven’t hugged a tree in well… okay, I “may” have fondled a Ficus plant a couple of days ago.

    But really… it’s just that I…


  • “I don’t smell like patchouli oil and I haven’t hugged a tree in well… okay, I “may” have fondled a Ficus plant a couple of days ago.”

    this just became my favorite quote of the day

  • Bob Ford says:

    Hee hee hee… any time I can make the Sinister Minister bust a smile… it is indeed a good day. =)

  • Kelli says:

    tina: hmmmm oddly, i didn’t mention any women. so in the name of chicks everywhere [and those that know me know there aren’t very many of them in my life]: i have an oreo, a greek princess, a braless wonder & 2 little blondes–neither are stupid, both more mechanically inclined than their hubbys.

    boys: a. yeah… and people wonder why i love you. you just turned my blog into a message board and made me snarf.
    b. i thought about linking your descriptions to your sites for clarity, guess i didn’t have to.
    c. bob, no no no noooo… you do not get to flat out ask my mom to help you. ya’ll team up on me enough without shout-outs!

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