Empty Coffee Pots

I threatened reinvention. I was serious. New year, new direction, new design.

I like new. New is shiny and fun and different. And a little scary. But hey, anything worth exploring should be a little scary, right?!

Not only is the skin of the site a little different—which could be a blog in itself but I’m going to sum it up in one sentence, “horror writer” does not have to equal black pages, dripping fonts, etc.—the guts will be as well. First up, the death of coffee talk.

Yep, I said that.

It’s time.

“Coffee Talk” was a term I originally used for two very specific people—in another world, another time, another place. Times change. People change. Long live caramel creamer and flavored coffees, but you’ll have to stop by Starbucks to get your fill from now on. This drive-through is closed.

So what’s the new category going to be called? hmmm… well, it’s going to be about strange little things. So I could go with ‘gypsy magic’. It’s going to include oddities that we take for granted, pithy things seen/heard, silliness in the face of insanity. So I could go with ‘garage talk’. It’s going to be all encompassing, yet not quite serious like the other blogs I post. So I could call it ‘awesome porch’ or as the Princess suggested, ‘from the porch.’ Yeah, it could be anything, and I have no idea what to call it yet. But even though it doesn’t have a definite title, it’s got a direction. What it won’t be is a standard question every Thursday or thick with caffeinated themes and catch phrases. What it will be is new.

And new is shiny and fun and different…

Welcome to the flip side!

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