There once was a man from Nantucket
Who never had enough in his bucket
He spent and he spreed
He gathered with greed
And in the end, said “fuck it.”

Yeah, I just pulled that outta my butt, so I don’t want to hear any grief about it. There’s a point… there’s always a point, isn’t there? The moral of my pathetic limerick is that it was never enough. I imagine our nameless man from Massachusetts didn’t even have enough coffee. That’s right, here it comes… Coffee Talk!

A roof over your head, a companion of sorts, children, pets, a job, a vehicle, clothes on your back… a big screen TV, an ATV or boat or whatever, a new gun, a camper… when is it enough? What does happiness really cost? Yes, I’ve been talking about happiness lately, but I’ve also been thinking back over the years and looking at the differences in how two people in the same situation can define it.

What makes you happy? I personally love the sound of children laughing, the gentle lapping of water against rocks, a midnight blue crayon and the calming rhythm of a heartbeat other than my own as I fall asleep. But that’s not happy. Happy is inside. Wait, where’s the question? Oh yeah… We have to travel outside the soul for this trick question!

What material things make you happy? Something other than money. Something you can buy with money. And yes, considering the audience here, saying “books” and nothing else will get you flogged with a wet noodle! Shoes? New cars? Hunting land? What is some completely greedy, horribly selfish, material object that actually does do something towards your inside happiness?

My answer? Hmmm… Off the top of my head? Flavored creamer is definitely an indulgence. There’s nothing quite like that first whiff of coffee, that first taste, on a chilly morning. And if it’s got a hint of flavor, a tease of something other than plain milk and sugar, the world seems a brighter place.

And of course, Halloween undies—especially if they glow in the dark—make me giggle and smile and absolutely contribute to my happy place. I look forward to the season and start watching for the novelty socks and undies [because yes, I’m serious when I say that I don’t own any that are normal, aka NOT novelty.] They’re more than just being silly, or stubbornly being a child under my clothes where no one can see. They remind me of my mother and surviving medical fubar.

Other than that? I’m not sure. I really am a simple girl. I don’t require toys of any kind [other than books!] and try to find the happy in the little things. I find joy in bubblegum machine prizes and Happy Meal toys [and still carry the crayons, from Jolly Rogers’ kids meal last February, in my purse]. You could possibly put my sick love of colored pens on this list… oh, and you can definitely add “plane tickets.” Because I can guarantee, I’ve never had one of those and not been happy for the fact…

You? What’s your material weakness? Your happiness trigger?

0 Responses to Enough!

  • Amy says:

    Energy drinks. Going out to eat. New clothes.

  • Buying Matt Blazi for an hour at a time…that brings me some happiness.

    But seriously…when a movie i really enjoy comes out on DVD and i buy it…that makes me happy.
    Or buying a new piece of Disney collectiable crap that I always wind up buying. Like, seriously, who needs the whole set of The Haunted Mansion figures, still in mint condition in their boxes? Oh thats right, I do.
    That’s awesome to me :)

  • The Dickie says:

    A car with a full gas tank, tunes blaring, destination: unknown.

    My iPod, because it contains all my favourite music and I can drown out the sounds of the world with it.

    I have a couple of t-shirts that just feel more comfortable than anything else I own and I notice my mood picks up just wearing them. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, they are the plainest shirts I own.

    Dog toys. I love bringing a new one home and watching Molly attack it.

    And I will risk the wet noodle flogging and say BOOKS, but not for me. There’s nothing that pleases me more than buying a book for my daughter and watch her immerse herself in it. Yes, even those Twilight books. But hey, as soon as she’s done re-reading all four, she’s got Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book waiting for her!

    More later, coffee now.

  • Buddha says:

    getting my son Cars and my daughter puzzles.

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    I agree with Dickie about buying books for my daughter. I bought her THE WIZARD OF OZ and GREAT EXPECTATIONS and she devoured both of them. It made me so happy to see her laying on the couch, reading. She read both books in under four days.

    Other than books, I can’t really think of any material things that make me happy. There’s nothing I like better than to browse the bookstores and see the latest from my favorite writers. Or finding a long-awaited pre-order in the mail. So, bring on the wet-noodle flogging!

  • Simon says:

    My favorite word of the week: midnight blue crayon. Lately, Kahlua has been upping my happiness quotient.

  • Burke says:

    I love Halloween socks too! I just got a new pair (yay it’s that time of year again!)

    I love to buy movies, tv shows on dvd, and video games. Rock Band is my personal favorite, and yes, I sing out loud at the top of my lungs and do indeed suck. But Rock Band says I am a top performer so it must be good, right? Just got Supernatural Season 4 on DVD :-)

  • Bob Ford says:

    Socks. Socks are good. Great friends of mine have taken care of that for me for a bit. ;)

    Other than that, once in a while I like to be a clothes whore. Not the crazy expensive stuff… and watches. Big bulky ass ones. Funky. Different.

    And.. that’s.. about it for toys for me.

    I like surprising my daughter with something odd.. unusual.. like a Ripley’s Believe it or Not book. My son, a comic book or some oddball trading card. In their smiles, I smile.

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