False Spring

The yard is an interesting mess right now—a strange mixture of dead grass, mud, snow and ice. It can be quite dangerous if you let yourself stare at the pretty brown grass and think of warmer days, and then hit that ice. [ouch!] Still, 40 degrees after months of 20 below is enough to get you to pull out shorts and tank tops… it’s hard not to overreact at the thought of Ra coming back. But it’s a lie. We know this. The rest of the country might actually pay attention to that overgrown rat in Pennsylvania on February 2nd, but around these parts of the frozen tundra, his shadow doesn’t mean squat!

Not until the dead bird shows up.

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I see a dead bird right before ‘true’ spring peaks around the corner. I don’t know why. I usually joke and say it came back too early and died a horrible death, freezing its poor little butt off because the 40 degree days still turn into -10 nights. But where is all this going? Duh, it’s Thursday… it’s obviously some convoluted way for me to get to a Coffee Talk question!

What’s your favorite season and why?

Anyone that pays attention knows that my answer is NOT winter. I do heart halloween, the strangely exotic aroma of rotting pumpkins and the sound of leaves drifting along quiet streets on a crisp night, but it’s not autumn either. Ra, drunk Sundays, warm sand at the beach, etc. might make everyone think that summer is my favorite…but you’d be wrong. The combination of smells, from new growth as well as dead grass, and the hope of warmer weather—the relief that winter is finally flipping done—all make Spring the winner.  I don’t get the sweet smell of lilacs yet, and I don’t get tans lines just walking to the mailbox, but I can drink my coffee on the porch—day or night. I can sit outside and listen to nature with the laptop. I can sigh, knowing that summer is coming. Because once it’s here, the nagging little eskimo in the back of my mind likes to remind me that winter is coming… and I’d rather not have that thought just yet. Bring on Spring!

And now I have to head out the door, first the blood test I’m hoping to finally pass, then off to work… I’ll be desperately looking for a dead bird along the way. What’s your answer?

0 Responses to False Spring

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    My favorite season is spring. Right around the time that the ground thaws just enough that I can bury the bodies….I mean that it gets warm enough that I can play football in the park.

  • Amy says:

    Summer…hands down. I love the hot temperatures. I love that I can go running at 4:30 am and not be cold. I like coming home from work and taking the kids right outside, wWatching the kids play in their plastic swimming pool out back, taking family walks, leaving the windows open, not having to wear a coat, picnics…oh I could just go on and on. Good stuff…

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