“You can’t pick your family” is a bullshit line. Sure, maybe you can’t choose your biological family—you can’t do anything about that aunt that no one wants to invite or that uncle that no one admits being related to—but there is “some” family you can choose… and when you’re upset, depressed, crushed, disappointed, crying, screaming or just plain needy, that family comes to the rescue.

That family will gather on a whim’s notice. That family will hop planes—or throw you on one. They will dry your tears. They will validate your worries or anger. They will hold you and heal you. And then they will then make you laugh until you snort. Sometimes you go to them. Sometimes they come to you. And sometimes you just find an awesome porch (or in the summer, a pool, hot tub & kegerator). Family is what “those” friends become. And family is what makes a porch awesome.

What’s your favorite thing about awesome porch?

“Relaxed atmosphere, being myself and Anubis, god of death”

“I can laugh freely. Loudly. Where I can hear it reverberating off houses… but not past 11 pm on weeknights!”

“Comradarie… PJs and stripey socks”

“I like being on the edge of the world next to the alien lesbian cows.”

“The people on it.”

“We flirt with them shamelessly and they wait on us hand and foot.”


“Shared laughter”

“Rolling stops!”

“Freezing my feet off getting stripey toenails…it’s worth it.”

“First rule of awesome porch: don’t ask if they want a chair!”

The porch, the pool, the curb at a con… location, location, location actually means nothing in this instance. It’s the people. The memories. The new in-jokes and old favorites. Whether you’re pushing someone down a hill or holding that hug until your arms go numb, in the end it’s one thing: the healing properties. Funny thing about this family—we’re all broken in some way. (No, take that back, we’re cracked. Cracks are fixable, breaks are more permanent.) And we all band-aid each other without trying, whether we realize we need it or not.

This weekend was full of the fun. Awesome porch had plenty of company, needy cat was abused, and Babs was blocked. There was a signing and dinner and drinks and giggles. And a cracke family member or two that needed patching. The party is byob. The dinner checks are usually separate. The emergency plane ticket was $5. But the band-aids? Those are free. And the healing process… priceless.

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