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This is not spam, not a forwarded email, or one of the million bogus alerts out there. I know this girl. I know her parents. I went to college with her mother and have known Steph most her whole life. I have a ton of followers on here and I’ve begged for interaction in the past, this time I’m not asking you to answer me or let me know you’re out there… I’m asking you to post this yourself, send it forward, get the word out there. Facebook, Livejournal, Myspace, Twitter, your blogs, your websites, email your families… anything!

For those that don’t have a facebook, I’ll post the info here so you can see what’s on the facebook page:

On September 1, 2009, Robin Burke returned home from work to find that her daughter (Stephanie Jean Renee Burke) had locked her bedroom door and was missing. After breaking into her room, Robin and her husband Eric discovered that Stephanie had packed her things and was gone. It was only after going through her cell phone records did they discover her daughter had secretly been dating a 21 year old man named David Kottman that she met while working at Valleyfair. David’s parents were not aware of Stephanie, either.

Please post the pictures of Stephanie and David on your facebook, send out a mass e-mail, and help Robin find her daughter, Stephanie.

David had briefly gone to college in California and Stephanie did not pack any winter clothing with her.

That last part is important, as they have found his vehicle in Nebraska, which makes it sound like they’re heading to California. They still have her car. Her mother has still heard nothing. This is not your normal runaway. This is not normal behavior for Steph. She was just camping/hiking with mom. She’s been looking at colleges all summer. Something is wrong here and the police are not being much help (if any). Please, I implore all of you… look for her or her car, help pass the pictures and messages and word, and bring this girl home!

Updates and information can be found on the website

Steph, if you’re out there hon, call mom. I’m not saying talk or come home, just call, let her hear your voice saying you’re ok and hang up if that’s what you want… but you’ve got to let her know you’re ok!

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