Flash in the mug

Hmmm… Thursday already? Ok. Let’s try something a little different for coffee talk this round. Here’s a quick and dirty little piece of flash fiction for you… read, enjoy, caffeinated question is below it. [and remember, quick and dirty means raw, NOT edited a fine-tooth comb, so no editing/picking on me!]

Sarah didn’t know where her pants were. She remembered having them. Remembered the way that Kevin had grabbed the material at her hips and yanked them from her. She remembered the two of them, their hunger playing across each other’s bodies through their eyes, their hands, their lips. She remembered the incredible waves of orgasm.
And then nothing.
She had woken up in Kevin’s arms, covered in blood. His blood. Holding a knife that must have come from the kitchen–the bedroom held only Kevin’s pocketknife and a dust-covered hunting blade. The wooden handle of the cleaver was warm, and slick. The blade coated, smeared. And while it looked fresh, the blood had begun to dry in the fine lines on the back of her hand and she wondered how long ago all this had happened.
According to the alarm clock it was just past seven in the morning. The last time she’d checked the clock had been when she looked up from giving him head and seen the wall clock behind Kevin’s smiling face. It had been just before midnight.
The wall clock. They had been in the living room. A movie had been chosen, but Sarah couldn’t remember what, or if they’d even bothered watching any of it. How had they gotten upstairs? Why couldn’t she remember? And who had done this to Kevin?
She had dropped the knife and leaped from the bed a while ago. Sarah had no idea how long she’d stood there, naked, covered in his blood, staring at the smeared bed sheets and evidence of his bowels releasing. She couldn’t bring herself to look at his face. She didn’t want to see his eyes. She knew they wouldn’t be the crystalline blue she was used to, and part of her feared they would be missing all together.
In a state of numb shock she’d started getting dressed. Without bothering to clean up, or even wipe off the cooling blood of her boyfriend, she had slipped her panties and bra on, borrowed his shirt (for the last time) and scoured the room for her jeans.
She found them downstairs next to the couch and again wondered when the two of them had gone upstairs. And why would she have brought the rest of her clothes but not her jeans? She took a long drag from the crumpled cigarette she’d pulled from his crushed pack on the table. The dry non-smoker’s cough surprised her a bit, as she’d only quit the month before, but she ignored it and inhaled another lungful of nicotine.
The wall clock said it was ten-thirty and she wondered how long she’d sat there with the burned out cigarette butt in her fingertips, phone in the other hand. She knew she had to call the authorities. They had to be notified so they could find the killer. She knew she didn’t do this. Why would she?
Sarah’s mood swings had been under control for some time. She hadn’t missed a Prozac dose in weeks, and felt better than she had in years. There’s no way she did this. She wouldn’t. She was falling in love with Kevin. You don’t kill someone you love.
As she dialed 911 she felt her stomach flip and settle deeper into her gut like a weight. Her hands began to shake and Sarah realized shock was giving way to anxiety. She knew her prints were on the knife. She knew they’d blame her, label her, and lock her away in some asylum somewhere. She knew this looked bad, and while she’d appreciated the sympathy of the jury, she knew they wouldn’t believe her this time.

So… crazy coffee talk question of the week: Did she do it? I know. The muse knew. What do you say? And WHY do you think yes/no?

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  • Joseph Mulak says:

    I kind of get the feeling she may have some sort of mental illness such as schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, but since she’s taking Prozac I’m going to go with Clinical Depression. Somebody, perhaps a jealous ex-girlfriend of Kevin’s, knows this and the fact that she’s obviously been accused of a crime prior to this (they wouldn’t believe her this time), so she would be the perfect person to frame for the murder. I don’t believe she killed Kevin.

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