Flowers in the Snow

flowersinsnowI heart irony. I should. It tends to follow me around, holding hands with Murphy, pointing and laughing and occasionally slapping me in the forehead. Which is nice, it evens out the beating I take to the back of the head from the Universe.

Irony. The rotten red-headed step-sister of Fate and Destiny. Sometimes you laugh at her. Sometimes you laugh with her. Regardless, there’s usually laughter involved—even if it’s that uncomfortable laughter that’s really only to mask the fact that you do not want to be laughing.

I was laughing. Not that I didn’t want to be, I just didn’t realize I needed to be.

See, a few weeks ago, I had planned to wear heels to work but noticed there was a touch of snow on the ground. Now you need to understand, I set my clothes out the night before and get dressed in a pitch dark room in the morning, rather than turn on the light and wake the sleeping Hippie. So no, changing my mind about what to wear is not an option—unless there’s a flashlight handy. So I hemmed and hawed about footwear. I put the shoes on, I switched them for boots, and then I switched back. “Screw it, I’ll walk carefully and avoid any ice.”

And on my smoke break I looked down and noticed…
a. high heel marks leave this goofy wedge-shape with a dot mark, it almost looks like an overly fat, cartoon exclamation point
b. there’s flowers in them thar treads!

Flowers in the snow.

Maybe normal people look at the bottom of their shoes. I don’t. I never would have known there were flowers on the bottom of those high heels if I had gone with the boots. If I had chosen to cave to the pressures of a little snow on the ground and the fear of slipping, I would have never known I had my own private garden—literally at my feet.

Irony. I heart it… especially when I can laugh with it.

So? I think maybe you should all flip your left foot over right now and look at your tread. Or go step in the mud or whatever snow you can find. Because there’s tread that someone put thought into, choose on purpose, designed even… and you should appreciate it, or at least know what it looks like.

0 Responses to Flowers in the Snow

  • Bob Ford says:

    I love irony. Murphy… well. Depends on the day.

    But I tend to believe there’s lots of little things all around us that most don’t notice unless we actually take the time to stop, take a breath and look around.

    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.
    Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind.
    Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

  • wolfnoma says:

    Mine says Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, cause that’s the way I roll… well walk.

    As far as Mrs. Irony is concerned, let me tell you sister do I have a story for you. But not now. Maybe later.

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