Fresh Blood

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a copy of “New Dawn” don’t worry there’s more where that came from! [Although, a side note is required here: why didn’t you get one?! Not a member of Brian Keene‘s message board? Why not?! Shame on you!! You missed a lovely little Christmas present: short stories from Nate Southard, Maurice Broaddus, Bob Ford, and me, with an intro and uber short from Keene… *tsk tsk*] But as I was saying…

Looking for a Dunlap fix? Burning Effigy is extremely thrilled to announce the launch of a new offshoot to our horror chapbook line. The series, titled FRESH BLOOD, features three terrifying tales by talented trio of up-and-coming horror scribes. We hope to make FRESH BLOOD a new yearly tradition. Here’s what the inaugural edition will be offering up:

Release date: May 29, 2009

Growth Spurts
(by Dave Alexander)
Twelve-year-old Kendall’s body is going through changes, and he’s not
happy about it. But when a very long, mysterious hair sprouts in the
middle of his chest, he discovers that there are much worse growing
pains than puberty. He’s about to meet the monster within…

Left for Dead
(by Kelli Dunlap)
When Susan’s 8-year-old daughter is brutally attacked, she becomes
consumed by her need for revenge but mere punishment is not enough.
Susan learns that sometimes those being given the lessons are not
those doing the learning.

Mourn Not the Sleepless Children
(by Bob Freeman)
From the Highlands of Scotland comes a gothic tale of horror and
redemption, where the “Wickedest Man in the World” must stand face to
face against an unimaginable evil… an evil that hungers for human
flesh and blood.

0 Responses to Fresh Blood

  • Ooooh, sounds absolutely delightful.

    Gonna’ have to dig into this one when the paychek arrives. Om Nom Nom!

  • Bob Freeman says:

    Our second TOC together… It warms the heart.

  • Kelli says:

    snagged from keenedom before explosion…

    Holy Fuck!

    Sorry, but those are the only two words I can think of right now, having literally just finished the story. Which, by the way, was simply outstanding.

    Harsh! And yet I don’t think he got NEARLY what he deserved. The agony needed to go on and on and on. I can’t even begin to imagine what I would do to someone who touched my daughter. Anyone. But for it to be who it was was simply unspeakable. (Although I second guessed that part very early on.)

    Brilliant. That’s two for two. I’m starting Six Days the moment it arrives. You, madam, are the real deal.

    As an aside, I can’t believe Bob could even consider falling asleep around someone who could give birth to such twisted, dark thoughts. He better be a very, very good boy. Forever.

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