Getting Back Up

carsoncrashThis picture is a lie. You should know that right off the bat. We actually staged this one. He had his sense of humor back at this point and posed, so it has less tears than the real version of today—but more cowbell!

Today in metaphorland, Sauce learned to ride a bike. He learned how to push off. He learned how to pedal. He learned how to coast. He learned how to slam his feet down and stop himself from tipping over. And he learned what happens when you don’t get your feet down fast enough.

You fall.

You crash and burn. You skin elbows and knees (although with today’s pansy bike riding etiquette, everyone had pads and there’s no actual injuries to elbows and knees anymore). You bleed. You cry. And then you must make a decision.

You either stay down, or you get back up.

Pep talks today included “pedal faster,” “turn turn TURN,” and the ever famous “everybody falls.” And that last one is true—hell, they’re all true—in multiple platforms. You can use them for writing, parenting, day-jobs, relationships and life in general. You need to know when to speed up, when to turn, when to hit the breaks.

And when you fall, you have to decide whether or not you’re going to get up, or lay there on the cement and just wallow in your self-pity and failure, making excuses for why you don’t want to get back up.

It’s your choice really. No one else will pick you up, you have to do or don’t. Me? I bought stock in Band-Aids a while ago and keep them in my back pocket. Bring it on, life—I’m ready to fall… and get back up.

0 Responses to Getting Back Up

  • Bob Ford says:

    Faith and fire.

  • wolfnoma says:

    An old Chinese Proverb states “Failure comes from not falling down but from not getting up.” Good words.

    Another quote that has stuck with me is “Age wrinkles the body while quiting wrinkles the soul.” that one there is by General Doug McArthur.

    You may want to purchase a larger First Aid kit.

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