Greek Princess

silver_crownLong ago, in a land far away, in the crumbling west tower of a sprawling castle, on the top of a hill overlooking a meager kingdom, a princess was born…

Today is Alethea’s birthday. She may be royalty, but she doesn’t ask for much. She doesn’t want jewels and cars and furs and a new wand. Nope. She just wants the planet, and I do mean the entire planet, to post of picture of themselves wearing a crown. Now, while I think it’s a fun idea, we all know that I am no princess. And the idea of a tomboy wearing a crown is just silly. So while my first thought was fun (smash a crown to bits and take a picture of that), and my second was more me (draw a sidewalk chalk crown with a frog under it), I’ve decided to go with the third option.

Here is my crown, dear princess. It is the artwork of Kelly Vivanco. She has a neat style and a gallery full of chewy goodness (I almost posted the bear wearing a crown holding a giant fork!!). And something about the girl in this picture just made me smile. So while I offer up a crown to Alethea, I also give her and everyone else a new website and artist to check out.

I love sharing finds on the world wide web-o-insanity, and I love my greek princess. *Poof* Two wishes for the price of one, and I didn’t have to slay a dragon or sleep on a pea or kiss a frog to do it.

Happy Birthday, Alethea—hope your day is a good one!! To everyone else, waste some time at work today… peruse Ms. Vivanco’s site and enjoy!

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