Ground or Whole Bean?

Yeah, it’s Friday. I know I’m late. But if you’ve been around these parts, it doesn’t matter, because you can probably guess by the subject line that it’s coffee talk time!

Some people have a favorite brand of coffee, some just buy what’s on the shelf, and others must buy beans so they can grind their favorite and make it better. But as usual, this isn’t about coffee. As it’s the Halloween season, let’s warp this into a metaphor regarding costumes. What’s your all-time favorite costume (worn or put on another person—you have to be connected to it, not just have seen it). Was it store bought in a can, or did you grind those beans yourself? And while we’re at it, do you prefer the prefab costumes that have all the details and dazzle, or do you prefer to make your own? Bonus points for letting us all know what you’re going to be this year!

Me? I’m a homemade kinda girl. We usually start costume design in July [and have seriously skanked this year]. Over the years… I’ve dyed bandages in tea and wrapped it around children, then hot glued it into place for a mummy. Removed my son’s head through the use of light and shadows and made a headless horseman. Been a bar wench with a slit throat, red riding hood, Lizzie Borden, etc. and created every classic creature, and Carrie to boot. But of all the chewy goodness, I think the zombie bride was the best. The girl child was 8, the dress was tattered and dirty, her eyes were hollowed out, her flesh was peeling (through a unique trick that I came up with)—and not a single door was answered with an “oh wow” or “damn” or “who did that?!” It was an awesome costume.

And the flesh peeling is making a comeback this year…

Not only are we doing the zombie walk in Harrisburg [and invite everyone to come play—I think we’re going to Zombieland in full costume afterward], but I think the Angel of Death needs peeling pale flesh to go with the tattered wings and sickle. Yeah, I skanked, but I have a few weeks left to pull this off and I may just cheat this year and see what the Halloween store has for me… because I now live where there IS a Halloween store!

So? Best costume you’ve ever done, and what are you going to do this year? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

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