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Body and Soul. Whether you’re looking for a product to help you find your courage or stop a cough, we have both medicinal and metaphysical creations.

When I found out about my gypsy lineage, I became fascinated and started researching our family as well as the Rom in general. The more I learned, the more I realized how much of my personality, traits, likes, dislikes and even family habits were tied to traditional gypsy practices and beliefs. Interest begat research begat knowledge. Combining the traditional gypsy cures with the eclectic herbal knowledge passed down to me (my mother is a master gardener, and we both grew up watching my grandfather plucking herbs, flowers and berries in the woods), I began practicing and sharing my knowledge with friends and family years ago—and now offer it to you.

I’m proud of my lineage, and excited by the truth in the home remedies used by them and my own family. There’s a reason any given culture has been using any given herb for centuries for ailments and/or attitude—they work. Go ahead, try them for yourself!