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Everything Must Go!

First of all, a true heart-felt thank you, to all my customers—new, old, or otherwise. I was glad to provide relief for whatever ailed you, and humbly appreciate you, your business, and your continued belief in both me and my wares.

That said, I am streamlining my life and getting back to other things, so I will be closing down the public shop for Gypsy Spirits. My friends and family will still know where I am when they need a dose, whether it be of reality or peppermint. But the official storefront, pretty labels, inventory cubbies, and cost, upkeep and time put into this adventure—while it was a fun experiment—has come to an end. All inventory has been reduced to $5.00. When it’s gone, it’s gone. And when that happens, this site, the etsy page, and the facebook account will all quietly disappear as if this was nothing more than a vaguely recalled dream.

Again, thank you for your support. Stock up now for close-out prices…



The Power of Peppermint

peppermintFound in the bible, Greek mythology, and documented  in ancient Egyptian medical texts from 1550 BC, peppermint has been around for more than a little while. It has been used by gypsies, witches, shaman, medicine men, herbalists, grandmothers, gardeners, etc.—across many countries and by many peoples. Its popularity in officially recognized medical uses started as early as 1240 AD. It only got more popular from there.


Of course, there are over twenty-five species of mint. They are all excellent and many are interchangeable, but peppermint carries a power that is unsurpassed. During the growing season, the mint family is represented in my garden by peppermint, lemon balm, chocolate mint, and spearmint. The chocolate mint leaves are nabbed by family and friends and chewed on throughout summer. The spearmint is used for a lovely cooling iced tea I make by the pitcherful based on a childhood wintermint recipe. The lemon balm and peppermint are go-to herbs for ailments—in teas, tinctures and even externally, as bruised lemon balm leaves are great on bug bites.

So why did all those people, through all the ages, use peppermint? It’s not a short list. Peppermint has been used metaphysically to lighten the aura, create positive energy, and attract good fortune. As an herbal remedy it has been used for indigestion, IBS, gas, and colic, to help hay fever, relieve headaches, as a memory aid, to alleviate chemo-induced nausea, for cavities and bad breath, to reduce stress, to ease muscle pain, and even to handle both dandruff and lice with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Many of the ailment listed are handled with teas and tinctures, but the essential oil is excellent as well, most notably for muscle and chest rubs, headaches, dental care, aromatherapy, and even added to your cleaning supplies for extra antimicrobial power (and fragrance).


Powerful stuff. And a go-to in our garden, our spice rack, and our medicine cabinet.

I offer peppermint in tincture form as both a single herb tincture, as well as in combination with lemon balm. Visit the shop on Etsy to experience the power herb for yourself!

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Suggestion Box

suggestionIdea? Desire? Want? Wish? A-ha!?

Within hours of the shop opening, a good friend suggested an herbal bug spray and sent me running to my mother for recipes. It was an excellent idea and another way to use the herbs and avoid the chemicals of today’s products.

And this is the place for you to leave other suggestions of things you’d like to see… for instance, would my growing pains mixture (used in our house) be something everyone would be interested in? Should I add that to the line?

Let me know your thoughts, desires, dreams, wishes, wants and ideas… and we’ll see what happens from there!