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For those Rom (et. al.) out there who may find offense at my use of the word/term gypsy, I offer a moment of my time.

The word Gypsy can refer to ethnic groups, literature, stage and screen, music, songs, transport, people, places, and more. There are television shows using the term, as well as several very popular songs. I am fully aware of the misuse of the term when we were originally thought to come from Egypt. I am fully aware of the term in a derogatory manner of gipping people. But it has been adopted by society and culture as something far removed from the negative connotations it once had. That was then. This is now.

I find absolutely no offense in my use of it, as I use it to describe myself—just as I do mom, sister, and friend. It’s what I am. It’s a nickname given to me by a dear friend and now used by many. And it’s my decision. My family is actually from Bohemia, another word (bohemian) which took on new definitions over time. I’m a Bohemia Gypsy. I could be offended by both parts of that. I’m not. I’m proud of it. Regardless of how some people use or take the term(s). If you choose to be offended that is your decision.

I use it because I am very proud, delighted, and excited to have it in my lineage. I am a gypsy—in my blood and my eclectic beliefs and attitude. We have both scoundrels and seers in our family tree. And I embrace the lineage, good and bad.

For the record, my lineage also includes Pirates =)

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