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potions-pagePotions—aka “spell oils” are a combination of essential oils and herbs in a carrier base oil—are created using family and traditional gypsy recipes to help you attract something you’re interested in, whether it be money or love or just finding peace within yourself. Note: where the matching putsi bag will include a trinket, an oil representing that property has been exchanged in the potion. These are not for drinking, but rather anointing items and self. They can be used to anoint your home (doorways and window sills), worn as a perfume (I simply shake, open, and rub my wrist across the top to get a little bit of oil), or simply carried with you as a reminder of the self-empowerment you are hoping to achieve. Ingredients included for sake of allergies. These are intended for external use only. (click images for more views)


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To attract love and affection, both physical and emotional

The number one requested potion, putsi, elixir, spell, etc. through the ages. Nope, it wasn’t wealth—it was for those who understood the best wealth is often in those around you rather than what’s in your pocket.

This potion contains bits of jasmine and chamomile (traditional herbs for calling on affection). Blood was often used in love potions of old, thus this includes the symbolic dragon’s blood essential oil blend, and because the apricot pit was used to tell fortunes of love and affection, an apricot oil is the base for this potion.


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For mental and physical health

Whether it’s warding off illness or simply wishing to keep the strength you currently have, this potion was used by many. Well being is both mental and physical, and this was designed with that in mind.

This potion contains bits of violet and saffron (traditional herbs for physical and mental fortitude and health), with cinnamon essential oil in a jojoba base.


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To attract luck and wealth

The second most requested spell, potion, powder, elixir, putsi, etc. throughout metaphysical history. There were many ways to obtain or ask the cosmos for luck and wealth, from finding four-leaf clovers to burying teeth in graveyards, this is just one example of how to do that.

This potion contains bits of fern (a favorite ingredient of my gypsy lineage) and honeysuckle (traditional herb for attracting luck and wealth), with jasmine essential oil in an almond oil base. Should you ever run across a four-leaf clover, go ahead and add it to the bottle!


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For mental and physical protection

Protection and feeling safe, inside and out, are important. Whether you’re looking to feel empowered inside or more aware of your outsides, this is the perfect potion for you.

This potion contains bits of vervain, and honeysuckle (traditional herbs for calling on protection), with peppermint essential oil in a jojoba base.


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To obtain tranquility and grounding.

The world is a crazy place and we all need a little peace and quiet. This potion is designed to keep you grounded and bring you inner tranquility.

This potion contains bits of lavender and skullcap (traditional herbs for calling on tranquility), with bergamot essential oil and a jojoba base.


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My personal, signature potion.

Finding an old family spell that was exactly what I needed at the time, I began reciting it on a regular basis. This turned into an almost ritualistic plea to the moon (I address the moon when talking to my grandfather—where I draw my strength. My grandmothers—where I draw knowledge—speak through the crows). Eventually, it became a tattoo in the form of ingredients with the words hidden inside a closed scroll (they were spoken to the moon every night while it healed). It then became a potion I carry in my purse. And now I share it with you.

I still will not share the words, but I will share the powers of strength, spirit and success with you. It’s a beautiful potion, my favorite. Perhaps I am biased. And it smells lovely (then again, I think these all smell incredible). On days when I’m feeling particularly weak on my journey to healing, I put a smear on my wrists as a perfume of sorts. I’m marked by this, I carry this, and when I’m hurting inside, I wear this. Includes borage and saffron herbs, with neroli essential oil in an apricot base.


These are handmade with the specified herbs and oils. As well as those listed, I have made many specialty potions for specific reasons for friends and family and am not opposed to working with you for customized products. It never hurts to ask!

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