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Whether Body or Soul, we offer a variety of tools…




Tinctures are highly concentrated herbal extracts. When taken internally, they are the fastest, most efficient, way to absorb the benefits of herbs into the bloodstream. These are used for illness, ailment, attitude, and other forms of physical and mental adjustment or health. These are the body portion of body and soul.

Potions are a combination of essential oils and herbs which are meant for the soul portion of body and soul. These are created to help you attract something you’re interested in, whether it be money or love or just finding peace within yourself. They can be used to anoint your home (doorways and window sills), worn as a perfume, or simply carried with you as a reminder of the self-empowerment you are hoping to achieve.

Putsi bags are gypsy charm bags which act much like their sister-potions but with entirely dry ingredients. These can be carried with you, tucked under your pillow, hung from your review mirror, or put wherever else you want to either have close for an easy reminder or safe keeping.

Other products are in the works and will be introduced as they are ready for the world…