Happy Halloeve

ItsHalloweenAt first cock-crow the ghosts must go
Back to their quiet graves below.
~Theodosia Garrison

Halloween was awesome! We had a roadkill Elmo, a Spongebob/Cruella DeVille, Ice Bat, a ventriloquist dummy, a broken china doll, and a gaggle of teenage girls wearing a variety of “today’s” costumes (read as: if she was a whore!). Lots of laughs. Lots of candy.

However… I wonder what would happen if cities across the globe decided that Christmas was to be celebrated on Friday this year, instead of Saturday. For whatever reason they wanted—travel, ease on participants, convenience, or whatever lame excuse causes those same towns to celebrate Halloween NOT on the 31st.

That’s right. We had Halloween on Saturday the 30th. I’m writing this on Halloween. The real Halloween. But it’s bizarro Halloween. I don’t like it.

The kids are piled around the television watching a variety of Halloween specials, which is good, but there’s a funk in the air. A strangeness. It doesn’t feel like Halloween anymore because yesterday was full of the happy haunted chaos of decorating and costumes and trick-or-treating. Today’s an afterthought, like a wedding shower for a pregnant bride. Later, we’re going to dress up (again) and go into York, where they can read a calendar properly, to Trick or Treat at my boss’s house and his neighbors.

But it still won’t feel right.

No matter how much I try to force the feeling. The childhood appeal of Halloween was spent yesterday. After the kids go to sleep tonight I’ll watch Halloween 1, 2 and 6 as is tradition, and will say good-bye to the most hallowed night of the year with my adult side. The horror loving side. The side that still hates it when Michael sits straight up in the background. The side that is trying to wrap her mind around the fact that we went door-to-door, begging strangers for candy, in full costume… yesterday.

Why do they do this? What other holidays are adjusted? None. Sure there are holidays that move around because they’re set by the day not the date, but those with dates are on those dates. Period. I think I’ll protest for the next year. I’ll have Christmas a day early. Valentine’s a day early. 4th of July a day early. Hell, I’m even having my birthday a day early. Why not, right?! After all, the calendar is apparently only a suggestion…

I’m posting this on Monday, November 1st. Technically Halloween is over. Bah… Halloween is not over. If they can celebrate the day before, I can celebrate on whatever day I want—long after. If Christmas can be here before Halloween is even over, then Halloween can stick around until at least the next holiday—which is Thanksgiving, not Christmas! We’ll be having a costume party in November. That’s right, November. Because we can. Because if we’re not trick-or-treating on the right day, then why should we have a costume party in the right month?

Happy Thanksgivoween everyone!!

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  • phyllis says:

    we had the same happen here. But our switch happens because of church. For some reason, the churches (The Baptist, Lutheran, and Pentecostal — the Catholic church could care less LOL) here do not like to share their holy day with Halloween.

    We felt like we were in Arlen, Texas when we took the kids trick or treating. You know the episode of King of the Hill, where that cranky lady, played by Sally Fields, tried to cancel Halloween? Yeah. There were hardly any trick or treaters out and there were hardly any people passing out candy. It was like a ghost town. So, the kids had an ok time, but it could have been a lot more fun.

  • Meteornotes says:

    Um, that was not Ice Bat. There is only one Ice Bat. He was in Wisconsin watching drunk people. So he was not there.

    Besides, you don’t want to claim you are Ice Bat. He will demand royalties. Or put you on The List. And that is never, ever a good thing…

  • Kelli says:

    Dave: I never claimed to be Ice Bat… just to have him on the porch =)

    Phyl: because of church?!! oh man, if I wasn’t atheist before…

  • wolfnoma says:

    They celebrated on Saturday night and Sunday night here in the City of Portsmouth.

    Of course Saturday’s festivities were limited to a 7 block business district and all there were a lot of “Non-Costume” Costumes as well as “Children” well above the age of candy collecting demanding to be appeased.

    Sunday’s events were much more festive and almost all the ghouls and goblins had costumes. (I seemed to give out more candy to the original costumes instead of the store bought masks and capes costumes.)

  • Kelli says:

    moved and closed http://kelliowen.com/?p=537

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